The Autopsy on the Muslim mind, “What British Muslim Really Think?”

Wednesday 13th April 2016

The Bearded Bogeyman

Channel 4 has commissioned supposedly “the most detailed independent survey” on “what British Muslims really think?”. It has really become mainstream media to explore what are Muslims perception towards Britain.

I’m not sure why they titled the research “What British Muslims really think?”,the survey was over proportion with one ethnic group. Out of 1081 participated, 72% were Pakistani and Bangladeshi. This demonstrates the lack of understanding of the Islamic faith, which is spread across various ethnic communities including White British, who did not participant in the survey. 39% expressed they never attend the mosque, if they do is only on special occasion, how does this really reflect the conservative Islamic faith. This poll should be called “What do British Asian really Think?”.

But guess who they decided to make the analysis? None other than Trevor Phillips. The Former Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission during the Blair years. He is no stranger when it comes controversy to Race and Integration.

How can anyone allow this person to examine the data? Reputable academic normally are consistent with their analysis, not doing a 360 as Mr. Phillips. Trevor is truly is a gymnastic social theorist. He coins a theory, only later to disregard it. He was wrong before and now somehow he is right. He was the one in charge pushing multiculturalism, now he is saying Multiculturalism is not working. We are “Sleepwalking into segregation”, and there is truth to racial profiling to communities to specific crimes .

To be honest, Trevor is clearly sleepwalking, because when you sleepwalk, you walk blindly towards any directions, just like his theories on race and ethnic communities.

His recent analysis he admitted he “got almost everything wrong” on Muslims, immigration and integration. Trevor Phillips got it wrong period.

However, using Trevor Phillips as the 'Ethnic face' to talk about minority was a strategic one. We can’t have more "White man telling brown people what they really think".

The survey was focusing on Muslim community living in dense deprivation, which normally consists of large Muslim population living together. The missing key data is Muslims living in none dense deprivation to make a fair comparison.

91% feel they belong to their local area. That would be the case when you have Social Housing allocated according to local connection due to family and work. When generations migrated, having access to support from fellow members from their own community was desirable option due the the racism the first generations of Asian Muslims faced.

Out of the 471 born in Britain, 43% did not agree with Terrorist Actions, 42% oppose the Caliphate, 43% did not sympathise to violence, 43% did not sympathise with Terrorism, 43% did not sympathise with extremism and 86% had a strong sense of belongingness towards Britain. This included the 39% of Muslims who at least attended the Mosques between once to sevens times a week week prior to the survey . I guess the premise that Mosques are part of conveyor belt to extremism becomes problematic.

There was this underlining correlation between Islamic faith and Extremism, one question posed “Should Muslims do more to tackle the causes of extremism in the Muslim community in Britain, do less or have they got it about right?”. They options were whether they should tackle the issues around Homesexuality, Stoning or Chaliphate amongst Muslims as if these are clear indicators to extremism. Without any options around foriegn and domestic policy and the rise of Islamophobia.

Another question was “Which, if any, of the following do you think would help Muslims to tackle the causes of violent extremism in the Muslim community in Britain?” 
62% believed it would help alot if the Government gave young people a greater voice in decision making, while the other hand 37% of Muslims don’t feel they influence decisions. 65% said it would help alot if the Government Tackle discrimination and prejudice towards Muslims. This demonstrates the failure of PREVENT on how out of touch and top down approach of the strategy.

There is a public campaign to get Muslims to condemn Terrorism and to apologise, but 62% don’t understand why Muslims are attracted to violence.

One thing for sure, we are not moving towards Islamisation of Britain as 83% condemn stoning, 47% of Muslims don’t agree that Britain has bad moral behavior, 47% agree that Britain treat their women with respect. Again this includes 39% who attend mosques!!

What is interesting is there is thirteen questions on attitudes of Muslim towards Jews. I wasn’t sure when Judaism was part of British Values.

From what it seems all of the questions was from a group of people who have been intoxicated by right wing propaganda about Muslims. This is clearly indicated by the type of questions posed about women rights, polygamy, homosexuality, Jews, terrorism, violence, chaliphate and extremism. All those hot topics related to Muslims.

The set of questions was like a mass Prevent Strategy by using small anecdotal evidence to share light on over 2 million Muslims.

This is just more ammo to supply to media outlets and neocons to have a field day with Muslims and to cause more fear in society.

You can’t not examine a community who were previously progressing through Multiculturalism, where faiths and cultures were celebrated and suddenly that is not tolerated anymore. Its like changing the goal posts in order to be accepted in society. The British Value framework are new set of values that have only recently been defined and pushed by Government. Even though I believe posing the question to Muslims if they believe in ‘British Value' is underline discriminative, as if by default Muslims are not part of British society through citizenship.

We need to learn how to interact and understand rather then whip and lash people into integration. People bond and are civil with others through understanding, not due to religious discrimination otherwise Muslim would not of have been contributing in Britain in all spectrum of society.

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