Written by The Bearded Bogeyman

What will the future of British Muslim children become? A question that has been neglected assessing the real impact of the British Government Prevent Strategy.

With the recent report of 4,000 Muslim children that have been referred to the Channel Programme.

Muslim children aged under 9 were among the 3,955 people reported to the Channel programme in 2015, increased more than double in 2014.

If you want to know how reckless these referrals are, the “Cooker Bomb” case study gives us a snapshot of an example. A child in nursery drew his father cutting a cucumber, in which he pronounced “cukkabum”. The teachers were adamant he said “Cooker Bomb”.

Prevent is flawed from top down, while so called “Extremist Expert” pushing through crap theories making millions, to careless and reckless practice for frontline practitioners. Not fault of their own, what do you expect from two hours training to spot national threat, while three years at the Metropolitan Police to stop petty crime.

So what impact does this has of Muslim children in years to come?

Anyone in their 30’s would remember a society that was moving forward on understanding of Multiculturalism and acceptance for all. There was a progression of Muslims. Muslim identity was less under the spotlight and less scrutiny of their practice of faith.

I don’t think this was intentionally engineered by Tony Blair (even more so recently with his comments about Islam) but the society allowed wide opportunities for Muslims to engage, voice, advocate and challenge any sort of discrimination. Society was less fearful of attacks, if any did go aboard to fight in Bosnia or fought against the Serbs, none returned as splinter cell.

That generation is the same generation that are now are social activists, working in charities, becoming academics, going into journalism and developing an interest in politics. Theresa May would call this today “Entryism”. They felt a sense of belonging and felt part of Britain. It only recently come under question by weaponising British Values to question your loyalty, as if suddenly Muslims by default are not part of Britain. That generation was under less surveillance and sure felt less alienated.

After all surveillance, referrals to the channel programme and separating children from their families. What would be the future of those Muslim children?

Would they feel part of British society after being under suspicion? Who would that grew up to be as a person after going through such programme? How to they fit in after being told they you their religion is unfit for today’s society?

We don’t have to look far, we just have to look at the Black Lives Matter Movement. There is a generation of young Black people who have a great deal of hate for an institution for being targeted, abused and harassed due to their skin colour. The causes maybe be different but I don’t see a different outcome. This is not a new concept, this is pass down from generation who were also racial targeted and imprisoned. The young Black people still continue to feel they are at war with the most racist institute in America.

If we continue to impose Prevent Strategy on generations of young Muslims today, surveillant policies imposed across all sections of society. With a “No stone left unturned” approach from NHS, Schools, Mosques, Prisons, Charities, Housing and soon Ofcom and everywhere else.It is not hard to believe that tomorrow generations of young Muslims will believe that the Government is a racist institution and there is a soft apartheid that is socially engineered.

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