Meanwhile Downward

As I rattle around inside my mind abusing my own consciousness, I continually vacillate over who I resent the most.

On the one hand there are the true believers, the people who don’t regret their Trump votes, would do it again, and love him no matter what he does. This seems to be a voter base that will go no lower than 35% no matter what. These people are directly and resonantly responsible because they provide the core of his support and will continue to mandate his actions, regardless of how harmful or erratic. Hell, because of how harmful or erratic.

On the other hand, there are the people who treat this presidency and moment in history as just another era of politics as usual. Some are clueless TV pundits who would have both-sidesed any historical travesty. Others are intelligent analysts or skillful reporters who nevertheless cavalierly shit on the frustrated and powerless who are doing what they can to resist and, in some cases, merely survive this period of historical crisis.

True believers are the gleeful catalysts who will zealously pursue any agenda that makes “libturds” sad or angry. Those who hide behind the veil of objectivity, though, allow these proceedings to continue apace by applying a patina of normalcy, and, thus, legitimacy to them. I can’t quite take a side on which group is more harmful, but both pose seemingly irresolvable dilemmas. Meanwhile, the nation spirals ever downward.