In The Beginning….There Was Beard…

Years ago, a friend of mine talked me into playing a video game on PC. It wouldn’t take long for me to get bored with the same maps and stories that the group was playing. In just a few weeks, I managed to start building new multiplayer maps (super easy) and create coop maps with a fun story.

I had no idea that would be the start of a journey that would be filled with frustrations on the level of a spaceship being programmed to travel in metric but taking imperial input all the way to great times in seeing the first iOS app (Aegis Mobile) I worked on get published in the Apple Store.

Since the start, I’ve completed my Bachelors Degree, which concentrated on mobile app development and am about to start my MBA. While working overseas (not in an IT role), a friend came to me wanting to build a website, I thought why not. I didn’t make it responsive as at that time, it was still something I had zero idea about, but they were cool with it. I managed to incorporate some JavaScript that would save space on the page and make it look cleaner, but I wanted more.

After completing my first responsive website, I realized I truly enjoyed doing what it was I was doing. I was getting better at so many aspects of it as well as learning some really cool things. Then it hit me…..why not make something that might bring me more of this fun.

It took about a week and change to create my site and I even created a Facebook page for it. I don’t care for Twitter and since I’m not that big into knowing and creating new things yet, decided it wasn’t time for Twitter. I did create an Instagram account….everyone likes pictures right?

In the past few months, I’ve become very comfortable making responsive sites, using Vagrant to build and test my PHP code on my own laptop, and realized that I want to even build things that can help others.

Now I fill my days with more education on PHP, Java, and other languages that I need in order to accomplish my goals. Who knew education could be so much fun. It’s not the theory of relativity, but it’s awesome watching some lines of text make something so cool on a screen.

As of this moment, I have a few things in the pipeline, one of them that will be a nice sized project if it plays out. The great part is none of this feels like work at all. The goal is to make someone happy that their dream or vision is finally coming to life.

I don’t necessarily see myself coming up with a new JavaScript library or creating a new programming language, but if I see something that could use a better process, I try to figure that out and use it.

This is my first post on Medium and hopefully there are many more. I plan on using it to talk about my progress and cover new things I learn (even if some might consider it old tech). If someone just entering the realm of development finds an answer or the motivation to keep pushing forward, then that would be awesome!!!

Until my next post, always remember….Ask not what you can do for the Beard, but what the Beard can do for you!!!

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