How To Grow Facial Hair Without Minoxidil

Beard Wonder
Mar 20 · 3 min read

The easiest way nowadays to grow a beard is to use minoxidil but not every man wants to put some strange chemical on his body, if you want to learn how to grow your beard fast and naturally, this is the perfect post for you.

Here you will learn the most effective tips and methods to grow a beard from the comforts of your own home and without extremely expensive oils or supplements.

Before we start I have to warn you, the effects are not instant, you will see the expected results in about 6–12 months.

It is true that the fastest way to grow a beard is with minoxidil but you can improve your beard growth by changing your daily habits.

You should consider sleeping more. Studies have shown that men who sleep for 8 hours have 2 times more testosterone than the men who sleep for only 4 hours per night.

Don’t stress yourself, the stress hormone Cortisol reduces testosterone and DHT, that causes weakened facial hair growth.

At least until you stop with your beard growth process you shouldn’t drink alcohol or at least drink in moderation, alcohol reduces testosterone and DHT, as you can see these two hormones are essential for facial hair growth.

A great healthy way to increase your testosterone levels is weight lifting, this kind of workout will improve your circulation, helping crucial nutrients and hormones get into the follicles and skyrocket your testosterone levels.

You should also eat the right foods to boost your facial hair growth. Your diet needs to have the right amount of vitamins and minerals for beard growth, these are essential for the production of hormones which support your beard growth.

Your diet should be heavy in carbs and fat but medium in protein. This diet is really good for the production of DHT and testosterone. BUT fast food, sugar, and processed food are a no go for beard growth!

You have heard that beard growth oil and supplements are the best to grow your beard fast and effective, but that isn’t quite true. The reality is there is ONLY ONE CLINICALLY PROVEN METHOD ON THE MARKET to grow a beard.

This method is called the micro-needling treatment, it is used with a Beard Roller™,

the small needless poke tiny holes into the facial hair area, which accomplishes two important things that will over time help to grow your beard faster.

Here’s how to grow a beard with The Beard Roller ™

Now you know the truth, decide which method you want to follow and start growing that beard!

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