7 ways to upgrade your Airbnb offering

Creating a great listing is crucial to success on Airbnb. Often the little details on your listing page and in the physical space can make a huge difference. Follow these seven steps to set yourself apart from the competition and maximize your earning capability.

1. Be transparent: This is critical not just for additional bookings, but to ensure guests leave positive reviews. Make sure your post detailed and complete photos of the entire space and highlight any quirks or deficiencies so your guests will not be surprised during their visit. You can sign up here to get free professional photos from Airbnb photographers.

2. Cleanliness is next to godliness: People expect hotels to be spotless and the same is true of Airbnb spaces. Professional cleaners often catch the little things you might overlook and the cost for one is much cheaper than what a negative review will cost you in lost revenue. And remember, negative reviews cannot be removed so they will stick with your profile forever.

3. Comfort is king: Remember, people are using your listing above all else to sleep. Investing in a comfortable mattress and bedding is investing in your success. Try these mattresses from Casper or Tuft and Needle. Your guests will thank you later.

4. Be present: There are two big advantages to physically meeting your guest at the property. First, guests feel more welcomed when they are personally greeted and any questions they have can be answered immediately. Second, guests will treat your home better when they connect the space to a real person rather than an internet identity.

5. Personalized suggestions: Place a letter on the bedside table welcoming your guest to the property and fill it with advice on how to maximize their stay. If they are on a business trip, list some restaurants they can take clients to, as well as transportation options. If they are vacationing, suggest some local venues and activities they can check out. I’ve received countless reviews thanking me for this effort (and a few uber referral credits also).

6. Don’t forget the little things: Clean towels, extra toothbrush and toiletries will be a minimal investment with great return. These small steps can make all the difference in someones stay and set you apart from the majority of offerings.

7. Inclusion: If you are renting a single room in your private home, invite your guest to outings with you during their stay. This strategy almost guarantees a 5 star review and you might find some life long friends in the process. Even if they decline, your guest will appreciate the offer.