Needle Rollers | Everything You Need To Know About Needle Rollers

Different kinds of bearings serve different purposes. You need to do know the basic details about each one before buying them for bicycle wheels, car wheels or more. Needle rollers are a specific kind of rollers that, as the name suggests, uses cylindrical shaped needle like rollers. The normal roller bearings usually have a length which is a little more than their diameter. But in the case of needle roller bearings, this length is almost four or five times that of the diameter. This article aims to quip you with detailed knowledge about the needle roller bearings that are commonly used by many for different purposes. Hopefully with the help of this article, you’ll be better informed about what kind of roller bearing you might need for your project.


· They boast of a bigger surface area that stays in contact with the races, when compared to normal ball bearings. The benefit of this is that they can then support bigger loads.

· As expected by the shape of a needle, they are thinner. They hence need less clearance in between the axle and the rest of the surrounding structure.

· They are essentially composed of three different parts. These are an inner shaft, something known as the needle cage and an outer shaft race. In its making, it has a little distance in between the diameter of the shaft and the full bearing in itself.

· The two ends of the rollers are relieved a little to modify the line of contact in between the rollers and the raceways. The entire point of doing this is to lessen the stress points which occur on the ends of the rollers. The benefit of this is that it increases longevity and shelf life of the roller.

· They indeed have a smaller cross section but that does not tamper with their load bearing capabilities.

· It is also one of the most compact bearings available in the market and that adds to its advantages.

· Thrust bearings essentially include needle bearings.


The needle rollers are used for many different purposes. Pivots, compressors, pumps and transmissions are popular areas where the needle roller bearings are very commonly used as the automobile sector uses the most of these. The rear wheel and its components see a wide range of uses of the needle roller bearings. You see from here, that you are probably very regularly in contact with needle bearings, without being aware about it.

The biggest aspect of needle bearings is that they are available easily in markets in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Each type is made specifically for a particular purpose and you are likely to find something or the other useful. You can use needle bearings for a wide range of applications and operating conditions. Needle rollers can prove to be highly useful only if you know how to put them to good use. Hence, do your research about the various kinds and functions well and choose manufacturer before investing.