A recap of the recent tests and sneak peek of the Ethereum based game Bear Escape

Bear Island
Sep 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Bear Escape community,

It has been a few months since the Bear Escape team commenced development of the Bear Escape project, with the enchanting while down-to-earth storyline, concept of complete decentralisation and fairness in mind, this Ethereum based game offers players simple gameplay yet big fun from jackpot winning the grand prize, 100% or nil, simple as it is.

4 EXITS displaying progress in key-sale

Given the several days ahead of our official launch, the game guidance, rules and play tips will be published via our Discord community, Twitter and Medium account, make sure you are on board with us now for latest announcements and updates. Early bird bonus applies to our early community members, an extra 50% of the referral rewards will be reserved for those who refer Bear Escape to their friends!

Updates on Bear Escape development

The painstaking efforts by the BE team of developers have culminated in the fantastic blockchain game, aside from its immersive UI and smooth playing experience, we believe the underlying factor that makes Bear Escape stand out from its counterparts lies in its much enhanced winning possibility, grand prize pot and more importantly, smart contract ensuring its decentralisation, transparency and fairness.

During the recent 3 weeks of game development, we are constantly conducting intense internal tests to make sure all players enjoy the flawless and frictionless experience with Bear Escape.

  1. Fixed minor bugs in the smart contract;
  2. Finalised the names of the 4 prize pots;
  3. Resolved a critical issue that caused suspension of the server;
  4. Fixed the issue in data synchronising.
4 BE prize pots are named after 4 most influential crypto figures

Bear Escape is soon to be launched targeting at the wide crypto investors, it is expected to expand its reach to the conventional lottery buyers as well. The recent thriving of the blockchain games provides game players, bettors and crypto investors with an online and trustless option to try their luck.

Along with the game-changing crypto revolution all around the globe, the number of blockchain game players is rising exponentially, guarantee your seat now, we and BE community together, are expecting more!