Bear Island
Sep 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Ethereum game Bear Escape beta test just commenced! You are cordially invited to play in the free trial game! Currently Bear Escape runs on the Ethereum Ropsten Test Network, you will be distributed TestNet Ethereum to purchase keys for entry into this game!

How to join

  1. Join the Bear Escape Discord Community via
  2. Send your ETH address to @bear in the Bear Escape channel.
  3. Switch to ‘Ropsten Test Network’ in your MetaMask/TrustWallet to receive the TestNet Ethereum
  4. Open up and start your explore into the Bear Escape game!

For rules and guidance, please go to how-to-play section on the game website.

I won the largest prize pot!

Basic introduction to Bear Escape

Prize pot and key price breakdown of the 4 exits

Beta test has commenced and will conclude at 6:00–7:00 AM UTC Sep 21st. We are expecting feedback and suggestions from our beta testers, feel free to contribute your ideas and share your thoughts in our discord community. There will be a reward pool set aside for most supportive members, bug hunters ad active players!

Bear Escape is expecting you! Join us now !