Ethereum game Bear Escape just went live, join for a chance to win 10,000 ETH!

For rules and guidance, please go to the Bear Escape website. You can also find us on Twitter, Discord, Bitcointalk do stay tuned to us!

Bear Island
Sep 26, 2018 · 3 min read

We are thrilled to share that after the intense development in the past few months, Ethereum game Bear Escape just went live! The game has received quite a lot of positive feedback since beta test commenced, it is now live at and all crypto gamers, aggressive players, gambling enthusiasts are welcome to play in the game!

About Bear Escape

Bear Escape is the most addicting Ethereum game inspired by the classic film ‘Raiders of the lost Ark’. Only the treasure hunter who is lucky enough to obtain the lucky key gets to escape from the Bear Island and further survive the bear market.

Bear Escape is a game for all optimistic crypto buffs in the hope of market bounce to make Eth earnings.

What makes a winner/survivor

When all keys are sold out during a round in a prize pool, the lucky key number drawing commences, there will be one number selected randomly out of all the keys sold.

The lucky key holder wins jackpot rewards and takes away 100% of the rewards !

What is the grand prize?

The 4 prize pots add up to 10111 ETH.

Winning Numbers

The winning popup notification arrives at the winner directly from the website once the lucky key number is drawn. The winner can either claim rewards or share their winning news from the popup.

Winner’s popup notification

All winning key numbers are displayed in the ‘Past Rounds Records’ section and visible to all. For winners who skip the rewards withdrawal previously, the portal is accessible from the ‘Past Rounds Records’ section.

Referral Rewards

Go to ‘Your Bonuses’ Section to check on your referral rewards from referring BE to your friends. It can be A LOT!

Check on the prize and referral rewards in the ‘Your Bonuses’ section

Why Bear Escape

In anticipation of strong market recovery and crypto gains, Bear Escape is introduced to the global crypto buffs.

Stay closed to our Discord Community for updates on latest winning numbers and progress on each prize pot, DO NOT miss out on the chance to win your grand prize for the unbelievably low cost!

The more keys you buy, the higher chance you stand to win the jackpot prize. Bear Escape could be your life-changing game! Your very shortcut to 10,000 ETH in unbelievably short term!

Grab your chance to win the grand prize and try your very low-cost probability now!