Introducing new Bear Escape feature-instant coin exchange to ETH integration

Bear Island
Oct 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear blockchain game enthusiasts,

We can’t wait to share the recent exciting updates on Bear Escape with you, the Ethereum game has integrated CoinSwitch that enables any player to exchange 358 cryptocurrencies into ETH across 9 exchanges instantly on the game website! CoinSwitch is one of the most trusted aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides a high level of anonymity that users do not need to register or login before placing an exchange order.

This new feature has been live, check it out at for the 358 supported coins. From now on, all blockchain gamers could access the exchange page for coin exchange into ETH and play in Bear Escape immediately! Even for complete newbies to the Ethereum game, the coin exchange feature would largely save them the troubles and time on cryptocurrency trade.

To top up your ETH, go to the exchange page from the portal on the Bear Escape main page. All the information you have to provide is the MetaMask address for receiving ETH funds. After sending your coins to the address as required, the funds will arrive within 15–30 minutes. Once the transference to your MetaMask wallet is confirmed, you can proceed to the Bear Escape website to purchase keys immediately.

send coin page

The integration of coin exchange feature will benefit all blockchain gamers in the long term considering the crypto bear market. Nowadays to invest in blockchain games seems to be an option to HODLING some coins especially in the volatile market.

We hereby recommend any supported coin holder to participate in Bear Escape for a chance to win up to 10,000 ETH. Come down to the battlefield and trade with 358 coins instantly to try your luck at the very low cost.

We’ve got more campaigns with rewards reserved for active gamers and our early supporters. By submitting your responses to a simple survey , you will get a chance to gain certain refund based on your expense on key purchase. Stay tuned for more information by joining us at .