Join the Bear Escape community for an extra 50% of your referral revenue!

Bear Island
Sep 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Become a survivor of the bear market!

Become a Bear Escape discord group early member and increase your Bear Escape referral rewards by 50%! Join us on board in the discord community now at !

Bear Escape was created with the community concept in mind, in the hope of building up a solid community in harmony, we call for all Ethereum game players to explore a innovative blockchain gameplay and share the benefits brought by native specialty of the blockchain technology.

Who is eligible for the community early bird rewards

  1. Bear Escape early bird community member who joins us before the website goes live.
  2. Bear Escape participant who has revenue from sharing referral links within 72 hours after the game goes live.

How to claim your community early bird rewards

  1. Join the Bear Escape Discord Community now via be part of our early bird group!
  2. Wait till our game website goes live, share your custom referral link available on the website with your friends and invite them to play in the game.

3. Send your ETH public address for registration on and referral link to the admin of the Bear Escape discord group.

Aside from your referral bonus distributed by the smart contract, we will send another 50% of your overall referral rewards to your ETH wallet address.

Get onboard with us at this early stage via !

Bear Island

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