You play, we pay! Take a Feedback survey and Bear Escape pays your in-game costs!

Bear Island
Oct 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Gather in the Bear Escape community and we’ll refund part of your costs in the game to you!

It has been 3 weeks since Bear Escape was launched officially on the Ethereum network and introduced to the blockchain game lovers. The team has been working relentlessly to promote the dapp to larger audiences and tap into game crypto enthusiasts. Till now Bear Escape has been listed on a few mainstream dapp review websites and dapp navigation websites including

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dapp store:


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Yesterday we saw an noticeable advance in active players and the trading volume within 24 hours. Gladly the rise has continued, and today marks the best day we’ve had! Following yesterday’s increase of 240054.55% in trading volume and 2600% in active users, the active users continue to rise by 130% on Oct 16th!

You play, We pay!

To thank our early supporters, long-term participants and 17 winners drawn from the past 29 rounds, we would like to take this opportunity to conduct a rewarding survey campaign aiming at previous Bear Escape players especially who won jackpot prizes before, we’d love to hear comments and feedback from YOU!

The survey will be distributed within our discord group, please join us at to access the google form, or DM @bear in Discord for further details.

A Screenshot of the survey

By taking a simple survey, any survey respondent will be refunded part of their costs of purchasing keys.The rules are as below:

The more keys one has purchased, the higher percentage of refund he will gain by taking a 1-min survey!

For instance:

When the survey respondent A bought 2001 keys in the Charlie Lee prize pot before, if A takes the survey we will refund 2001*0.001*8% = 0.16008 ETH to A.

For the previous winners who have tweeted about their winning experience with Bear Escape, your kindness is much appreciated! We will keep on looking for participants who enjoyed the play experience and gained good return on investment from the game!

We are expecting you at , join us aboard for a refund of your costs in Bear Escape!