Three Tips to Survive the Bear Market!

Bear Island
Sep 10, 2018 · 3 min read

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The bear market has been here for a while. After hitting an all-time record last December (that barely last one month) the bearish sentiment has been circulating until it hit the nadir in 2018. The volatile crypto market has tested all but the most solid or to say — delusional — players.

However, we as crypto traders will have to make the most of the current market conditions and look forward to the bull market. Real blockchain proponents are still bullish towards the crypto market, co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian told Fortune that he predicts that Ethereum (ETH) will reach $1,500, and Bitcoin will be at $20,000 in 2018.

Before we make it through to the dawn of this long winter, here are 3 tips to survive the bear market.

1. Deep-dive Into Blockchain Technology

Broaden your knowledge on the technical aspects blockchain technology as well as increase your analytical skills in the market.

The current market is very volatile and is easily affected by various factors. During this time, it is wise to observe the market and note key strategies to adapt to weather of the bear market. This is the perfect storm to learn from the market fluctuations and grow as much as possible.

Before other derivatives begin to take shape in the crypto market, it is important to have a solid basic knowledge first. It would greatly benefit your investment decisions and when the market bounces back.

2. Keep an Eye on the ICO Gems

If you are lucky enough to be bleeding so much from this bear-trap, consider investing in more projects when they are at their lowest value. There might be some hidden gems. Study their technical updates, Whitepaper, and product roadmap to make your own judgment.

3. Escape in a Decentralized Blockchain Game!

Escape from your sorrows by playing in a decentralized and trustless blockchain game in which you could hita fortune within just a week.

The first round of FOMO3D ended with a significant increase in the prize pool during the final two days. The jackpot winner received over 10,000 ETH. Ever since FOMO3D went viral in the crypto world and disrupted the conventional gambling game field, there has been an increase of Ethereum games which contributed to the viral marketing of all the Ethereum games.

Besides FOMO3D, a new upcoming Ethereum game, Bear Escape, is being released in the coming September. Players purchase keys for a chance to escape the bear market with up to 10,000 ETH .

Grand prize valued 10,000 ETH awaits ahead, prepare yourself for the jackpot winning chance

The winner selection process is disruptively implemented by Ethereum smart contract which is completely immutable and transparent.

The winning odds of all participants are calculable and immutable. With its low cost and astonishingly high return, Bear Escape is considered one ultimate way to escape from the bear market.

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