Before reading this article, we want to be clear — we are in no way associated with Quoine or its Liquid exchange. We receive absolutely no compensation for these research articles, and we never will. We come from traditional financial backgrounds, but believe fair valuations are important for long-term adoption.

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Why Are We Pro-Liquid?

If you have been following our recent research reports, you know that we believe that Liquid is well positioned to outperform its Cryptocurrency exchange competitive set…

We (BMV) have developed a perspective on the current (February 2019) Cryptocurrency exchange market, and may have identified a potential investment opportunity.

Welcome to our first research article. While we will do our best to distill key findings from our research below, we highly recommend (1) doing your own research and (2) reading the full research report HERE.

This material is advisory only, and any positions taken may be at your own risk. BMV may hold positions in the underlying assets. Naturally, we do tend to believe our own research.

Our Objective Today:

Despite the increasing maturation of the Cryptocurrency space (and the…

Bear Market Valuations

A Valuation group focused on assets in turbulent markets.

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