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(Originally written for the Gallery Magazine, Jersey Oct 2018)


Something that Jersey over the last 50 years has become synonymous with. Some of us have lots of it. Some of us work day to day with it. The island’s reputation and industries are dependant on it. But how many of us actually understand what it is, past the ability to pay for things. It’s not really something taught in our schools, but merely something we learn about through using it. …

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Digitally serving your island

Ever since I read the article about how Mikey Dickerson had entered the realms of the USDS, I’ve been really interested in the changes that are happening in both the US and the UK in regards to how the government deals with building digital services, and how they interact with the teams that build them.

One thing that struck me is the idea of serving your country, not in a militaristic way, but in a way that a developer can; by helping build better things. This has been the single defining call that 18F & USDS and CodeForAmerica have rallied behind. …

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Every now again, you come to a fork in the road.

On a path you’ve been treading, that although an interesting journey, the path seems familiar and safe. And over time you realise there’s a familiarity to your work, your life and your skills that hasn’t changed.

Having been raised progressively more by the access to the internet and it’s knowledge than a traditional education, I’ve always tried to constantly learn, develop and hone the skills in the areas that took my interest since a young age; be it creative, technical or a mix of the two.

Paths are never straight lines

This approach has led me through the ‘career path’ from a Datacenter Technician, to running my own IT consultancy business, making award-winning short films, producing and scoring a feature film, producing visual effects for indie films, to meeting and building the company that I’ve been part of for the last 8 years; The Observatory. …


Robbie Andrews

Co Founder of @ragnarapp, TechTriber (@techtribesje), Founder of @bitcoinje, facial hair grower & coffee drinker.

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