Great photography doesn’t necessarily translate into a large client base. So, what are you doing wrong? It might be about what you are NOT doing than what you are doing.

In today’s digitally driven world, it’s necessary for professional photographers to exploit online marketing and social media platforms collaboratively and comprehensively. Without that, you risk obscurity and difficulties building a client base.

Getting your work noticed is a photographer’s greatest challenge even when you’re a great photographer! It’s not easy. You’ve been busy honing your skills and crafting your art and not necessarily giving equal attention to marketing your business.

It’s never too late using online marketing and social media to start promoting your work. According to The Guardian newspaper, online advertising has overtaken television to become the world’s largest ad medium. Google and Facebook attracted one-fifth of the world’s advertising. Twitter is not far behind.

These statistics highlight the importance of social media. There are two key methods for online advertising or marketing: Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Marketing. They sound similar, but they’re not.

Social Media Advertising (SMA) works differently than SEM because it targets people by their specific demographics including interests, job, or backgrounds. You can learn a bit more about social media marketing in this article. There’s a lot of information available online on this topic. The best advice, however, is to link several social media accounts so that when you post on one, it cross-posts to the others. It’s not worth your time to post individually to various social media platforms. However, by maintaining an active presence on social media, you could find that you bring awareness of your work.

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