The Keys to Successful Marketing

Key words from profession

Job ads and keyword research are important for individuals who are looking for a job to break down really understand the requirements of that specific position. It gives insight on what the employer is looking for out of their potential new employees. The job ads that I decided to review and study had to do with the subject of marketing. Marketing is important because when thinking about business and starting up a company, marketing that brand or industry to create attraction is a huge part of the process. From researching multiple marketing positions, the main repeating keywords I noticed was leadership, working in teams, and having great communication skills. What i was surprised about from my findings was for a lot of the positions a bachelors degree was not mandatory for the positions.

Job Ad Research

The jobs I researched were advertising, marketing, promotions, and sales ranging from entry level jobs to management level positions.

Primary Job Ads

Job#1: Key Account Manager: Marketing. Advertising. Sales, Peak Enterprises Corp

Description: The role for key account manager is to help develop and execute the strategic sales and marketing plans for key accounts. The key account manager is responsible for managing all areas of the business relationship with the key accounts. Also working closely with the various business departments in an effort to maintain and further develop the relationship with the key accounts.

Job#2 Marketing Assistant — Marketing, Promotions & Public Relations, Peak Enterprises Corp

Description: This innovative firm was founded from dedicated people looking to push the limits by using cost-effective marketing campaigns and advertising strategies. Their ultimate goal is to provide the same advertising as the standard firm but at a fraction of the price.

Supplementary jobs

Job#3 Sports Minded Marketing Sales & Management ( Full Time — Entry Level ), Peak Concepts

Job#4 Entry Level Brand Marketing Associate, True Vision Enterprises Inc.

Job#5 Marketing Manager — Entry Level Market Management, CSMC

Key Words: innovative, team-oriented individuals, promote, developing, sales, coordination, raise awareness, 1–2 years experience, sales experience a plus, exceptional organizational and project management skills, exceptional communication skills, work independently, team environment, desire to succeed, campaign strategies, market strategy insights, Creating consumer Marketing, Sales opportunity, Judgment and Decision Making, Integrity, Initiative, Leadership, Cooperation, (0) zero to (5) five years, self-starter, competitive nature, willingness to lead, valuable opportunity, promote, strong leadership skills, high performance, cross-functional team environment, Competitive individuals with a winning mentality, No experience necessary, strategic sales and marketing plans, manage the sales, achieve strategic sales, Maintain and build relationships, Provide direction, problem solving skills, Strong interpersonal skills, relationships, integrity, high performance, strong leadership and interpersonal skills, great communication.

Professional Keywords: Strategic sales, Marketing plans, competitive individuals, creating consumer marketing, campaign strategies, high performance, manage sales

Most Essential Keywords

Communication: Great communication skills, team environment, Promote

Leadership: Willingness to lead, Provide direction, interpersonal skills, decision making

Attributes: Problem Solving, integrity, high performance