blue is a miserable color.

Blue is a miserable color.

What does the color blue represent anyway?

The color blue, has had their identity reshaped over the course of history. A traditionally soft-spoken, feminine color turned stoic and masculine. A color that represented calm and stillness was reappropriated to represent quiet melancholy and forlorn.


Silence however, continues to be an overarching theme in our history of the color blue. Blue is a consistently muted color. They do not speak their own mind, they allow themselves to be taken advantage of by stronger, noisier beings.

Blue is a color without agency.

Why choose a color that is the antithesis of choice? A color that represents suppression of voice?

You’re told by girls with frizzy, mermaid hair (appropriately colored) to wear something without thinking about what it might mean.

Guilted by conscious, you pull out a t-shirt you picked up at a 5k run for awareness back in 2007.

Only to put it away again, for next year.

Accepting that notion with silence, not questioning the thought.

Like the miserable color blue.