Confluence Comment Manager

2 min readJun 26


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You can extend the capabilities of comments in Confluence with Comment Manager addon by BeastieHut:

The plugin facilitates work with Page and Inline comments providing easy-to-use features:

  • Web icons
  • Comments dialogs
  • Comments menu
  • Page and Inline comments Macros

Manage your comments both Page (bottom) and Inline by means of the icons panel in the upper right of the page:

  • Page (grey)
  • Unresolved Inline (orange)
  • Resolved Inline (green)

You can view the number of comments and click an icon to open the corresponding dialog menu with comments list.

Open ‘Comments’ menu clicking on your profile picture where you can select space(s) to get comments from in the form of a table.

All comments of any page (and its descendants) can be displayed with 2 macros: Page Inline and Page (bottom) Comments.

Clicking on icon opens the comments dialog:

‘Comments’ Profile menu

Open ‘Comments’ menu clicking on your profile picture .

The page has three tabs:

  • Comments Table
  • User Comments
  • Statistics

Statistics on comments

Statistics menu in the Profile section allows to see the amount of various types of comments in whole instance and per space, user comments and tables view.