PDF import into Confluence


PDF to Confluence

We have just released the Addon for [Atlassian Marketplace](https://marketplace.atlassian.com/) that adds the feature to import PDF documents as Confluence CLOUD pages: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/1232158.

The ‘BHT Docs Import’ menu allows you to open a dialog and select a PDF file to be imported as the Confluence page. The page is created with the PDF file title.

The app will be improved to import various types of files as Confluence pages with correspnding Storage wiki format.

You can open the Confluence page and click on ‘**…**’ menu:

Import page menu

Then select the ‘BHT Docs Import’ menu item to open the import dialog:

Click ‘Choose File’ or drang-and-drop the PDF file into the select area and click Upload.

Click the blue link with the new page title (same as PDF file) to open the imported page.

The new page should be available under the current one.

Addon doceumentation: