Dirt Bike 10 Extended Chock To Create That Extra Space You Need To Park The 3rd Bike

A dirt bike is the most suitable for adventurous off-road driving and if you are the type and have more than one then you will need to secure them properly after the ride to a conveniently designed bike rack which has extended chock to accommodate an additional dirt bike. Dirt bikes come in different design and manufacturers and some of the top brands available in the market include Aprilia, Beta, Ducati, BMW, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph and many others. The dirt bikes occupy more space due to their design and shape and the extended handle bars can encroach on more space and prevent you from parking additional bikes but a dirt bike 10 Extended Chock will resolve the problem and offer you to park the extra bike comfortably.

The extended chock creates space and avoids the handle bars of the bikes getting in to each other’s way and allows the owners to park them comfortably. The design is conducive for the tire width of the dirt bikes. With the extended chock you can convert the dual dirt bike rack in to a bike rack which can accommodate three. The tire width of the various dirt bikes are the problem while parking similar bikes adjacently and the dirt bike 10 extended chock resolve that for you. The versatility of the chock ensures that the extra space required for docking the third bike comfortably is created. Most times want of space the bike handlebars get entangled while parking or removing them from stand and in the process the bikes may get scratches or breakages of protruding parts. There is also the potential danger of injury to the owners when they attempt to park it with other bikes.

The extended chock is a great invention and highly suitable for saving space at your parking lot, garage, homes, and other places. For quality and durable extended chocks that are weather resistant and stout you can contact Beastracks, the manufacturers of durable high grade stainless steel racks and chocks on (562) 972–1410 and we will fill you with the details that you want to know about our tacking systems and accessories.

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