A Little More Science Behind the Art: The Beatchain Story

Whether it’s management, labels, promoters, agencies or ticket companies… bands and artists around the world rely on third parties to get things done. All take a cut of the proceeds, and some seek to influence the artist’s creative direction.

The thought of operating without some or all of these can be daunting. Most emerging artists would never consider putting their own money into activities like ad spend, promotion or hiring venues for their own shows.

But thanks to an innovative new software platform, bypassing these third parties is becoming a much more viable option for emerging talent.

UK-based Beatchain uses data science and automation to accelerate artist growth and attract bigger crowds to live events — all at the lowest possible cost. Soon to be available to the general public, Beatchain’s fan builder platform provides bands with structure, advice and insight into their social media presence and ad spend.

How it all started

When Beatchain’s Creative Director and Co-founder Steve Jones assembled funk/soul band Brother Strut back in 2012, he was convinced they could achieve success without outside help.

Tired of the manufactured ‘X-Factor generation’s’ pursuit of fame at any cost, Steve was determined the band should “go it alone” and maintain full creative control.

“We were convinced there were people out there who would love what we do. We just had to find them.”

Steve’s approach to building that fanbase was to find a little more science behind the art. And it worked. Through the power of understanding fan data, Brother Strut became the first band ever to sell out the legendary London venue KOKO with no promoter and no record label.

Brother Strut at Koko in Camden.

“When you really examine the social media data, you begin to understand what sort of person is most likely to engage with your music and where the best place is to put on a gig, both in terms of geography and capacity. Armed with this information, you gain the confidence that you’re going to attract fans and sell enough tickets to cover your costs.”

Of course, not every artist has time to fit deep forensic analysis of fan data around songwriting, production, recording and performing.

6 years, 3 albums and countless sell-out gigs later, Brother Strut’s methodology is now being refined and made available to emerging artists around the world through Beatchain’s innovative new software platform.

Connecting fans with music

“Your perfect fans are out there — and our technology can help you find them,” says Beatchain CEO Ben Mendoza. “Then we have the tools and analysis to keep them listening, engaged, and in attendance at your shows.”

It was through Steve’s social media activity that Mendoza first became a fan of Brother Strut. A crowdfunding contribution towards their debut album earned Mendoza a meeting with the band, where he learned of Brother Strut’s unconventional route to success.

Intrigued, Mendoza considered how Brother Strut’s method could become scalable and adopted by artists around the world to self-promote and build their fanbases.

Having founded leading expense management provider MDSL, Ben Mendoza has spent almost 25 years using software to improve decision making and automate time-consuming processes. The same benefits, he says, are needed in the music industry.

“In the traditional model, there’s guesswork and inefficiencies at every stage, from booking to ticketing to promotion to marketing. These inefficiencies inevitably mean a worse deal for the artist and a higher price for the fans,” says Mendoza. “What we saw was an industry in desperate need of automation and AI to cut out the middlemen, tackle touts and help artists grow and understand their fanbases. Ultimately, Beatchain’s platform optimises the cost of putting on live shows, and as a result we remove a lot of the bloat you see in current ticket prices. Beatchain means a better deal for the fans and the artists”.

Learn more at www.beatchain.com