Three reasons why you should work for Beatfreeks

Reason the First:

Amazing (adjective)

1: so extraordinary or wonderful as to be barely believable, or to cause extreme surprise.

2: outstandingly good, skilful or admirable.

I gave up being amazed when I was about 29. Suitably impressed — yes. Appreciative — definitely. Inspired — fleetingly.

Several years of mortgage payments, increasing petrol prices and political repetition had rendered amazement a dusty and old emotion, committed to the memory of a young life. Since meeting Anisa Haghdadi, and my subsequent involvement with Beatfreeks some two years ago I can say with all honesty that I have been genuinely amazed, at least once nearly every single day. (Notwithstanding the fact that amazing, second only to awesome, has become the most misused word in the history of language.) The relentless enthusiasm for wanting to make a change in the world, backed up with the hard work and vision makes Beatfreeks an extraordinary team. Not only is it that, it is also a formidably well organised machine. Any dream can be safely dreamt; it is the execution of a plan which sees it become real. It might even be a little bit scary, if not for the fact that at the heart of the whole organisation is love. Love of our city; love of creativity; love of one another; love of what we do — and it’s that which has made the last two years so incredible.

Reason B:

Purpose (noun)

1: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

2: a person’s sense of resolve or determination.

My job (contrary to popular belief) isn’t to lord it up on the fourth floor of an office somewhere, periodically glaring out from over a laptop, to bemoan the quality of coffee and chastise nearby youths for making too much noise. It isn’t even to sit around tinkering with spreadsheets (although if there were such a job, I would probably be doing it right now). This role, as I’ve found it, is to enable and empower the people around me, to get going in their creative careers. This is not just through encouragement, bouncing ideas around, getting budgets in order and evaluations up to scratch. Working with this team is to challenge, and be challenged; to question opinions and seek to understand: “Why do you think David Cameron is a loser? Why shouldn’t private companies be involved in the running of the NHS?” Many comments are received with righteous applause in safe supportive environments, yet if they are to stand up under the scrutiny of the wider world, we have to have robust debate internally. And with those challenges and debates comes learning and understanding. This has been the best education in terms of learning about people I’ve ever had, and I’m so grateful for that.

Final Reason:

Learning (verb)

1: gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

2: teach (someone).

Being able to share simple values with a group of people is great. From my point of view, I feel I have imparted various bits of brummie tainted wisdom, to varying degrees of success over the years:

1) Be on time. On time is getting there 10 minutes before. If you’re not going to be on time, tell someone.

2) With reference to the above — tell them before you’re late — not as you’re bustling through a door, removing your coat and loudly deriding West Midlands roads and all who sail on them.

3) Always offer someone a cup of tea. The End.

4) Sugar is the devil’s work.

I’ve learned many new things myself, things that I’d never even considered important — and this has given me a fresh view on life and the world:

  1. I’m still struggling to understand what it means when someone’s ‘meta’.

2. ‘Fap’ shouldn’t form part of any civilised conversation.

3. You can only be your kind of beautiful.

4. Being amazed is a state of mind, and if you haven’t been amazed in a while, you should probably get some Beatfreeks in your life.


Live: Well

Love: Much

Laugh: Often

and above all Be: Free.

(yay!) *Shakes fists, backflips*

Bonus Reason:

Place (verb)

1: to put in a particular position.

2: to find a home or employment for.

My role in Beatfreeks has changed to New Business Development, to allow me the flexibility to focus on my strengths, in a way that fits my own life and changing priorities better. I’ll be spending time building new relationships and finding new opportunities, as well as helping to continue to build national and international networks and platforms. Having the scope to change and move into a role that fits me better — so I remain connected is ablessing. I’ve invested a lot of myself into this, and I know firmly that I can always be a part of Beatfreeks, as much as it will always be a part of me.

I envy anyone the opportunity of starting in this role because I have a good idea of the kind of journey they’ve got in front of them. This is the best job. This is the best team. You will be a better human being for being part of this.

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