Goodbye Early Access, Hello New Challenges

Beat Saber comes out of Early Access to a full release on PC next week but we still have big plans!

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May 14, 2019 · 4 min read
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Many consider the move on from Early Access as a major milestone. But although we are excited, it is simply a formality for us. We have so much in store for the game and this milestone only shows we are right at the beginning. We are grateful to have you with us going forward.

Why are we doing this now?

  • The game is now at a stable version.
  • We are finally releasing the promised Level Editor.
  • All features we wanted to have in the game when we first launched are now there.
  • All Beat Saber versions will now unify.
  • This is not the end: we have many plans for upcoming features!

The most important questions — why and when?

We are confident to say that the current version of the game is now stable and advanced (on PS VR we released Beat Saber as a full game months ago). This doesn’t mean we don’t plan to make improvements on the way, but we can finally say that for the first time in the existence of Beat Saber, we are unifying all Beat Saber versions — Steam version, Oculus Store version and PS VR version.

Our plan is to switch from Early Access to a full release with the release of the Quest, which is happening on 21st of May, 2019. We are giving everyone a heads up so you still have a chance to get the game on Steam and Oculus Store for the old Early Access price (if you haven’t got Beat Saber just yet). After we switch to a full release, the price will change to 29.99 USD and will keep the same on all platforms.

Knock, knock… Who’s there? It’s Level Editor!

It took us a while before this long awaited feature actually made it to the game. And yes, we have been a bit silent about this… again. But now, we are finally ready to release one of the most highly requested features that we promised at the beginning. We definitely heard you.

The truth is, we didn’t realise how we wanted to incorporate other audio files with our Level Editor. We had many discussions about this and tried to come up with the best solution we could. The original plan was to release the Level Editor soon after the release of the PC version of Beat Saber. But because we weren’t able to find the best way, we decided to postpone this project and work on something else instead, for example things like general performance updates, PS VR version, Expert+ levels, new free music, Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 and the version for the Quest.

Past weeks, we spent working on the Level Editor again. Now, we have it almost ready and prepared for the release next week. It’s 2D and it’s very simple — as we have always planned it since its original inception. This is how we thought it to be done best and our team likes the one we created.

This means, with the release of the Level Editor, you will be able to create levels for your own audio tracks. We will be including the song ‘Beat Saber’ from the OST Vol. 1 as a free, default track for everyone to have some fun with. So even if you have never tried mapping your own level, you will now have something to start with!

Note: The Level Editor won't be available for PS VR, Oculus Quest and for non-consumer version (=commercial arcade version).

More to come!

Coming out of Early Access doesn’t mean we are done with the game. Not at all! We have big plans with Beat Saber! Our music roadmap for 2019 is full of big name artists coming from across all genres! We will continue bringing you new music through Music Packs but also as free tracks in the game.

Besides that, we have many ideas for the upcoming features and improvements, some of those are coming from you — our community. When we are done with this update and with the release of our second Music Pack (which is going to be epic!), we will continue bringing in more content and features and expand all the ideas we have in mind.

Dear players, thank you for your patience and support, you are the best inspiration and give us tons of reasons to make Beat Saber the best VR experience ever.

The Beat Saber team

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