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Of course, I’ll talk about this latest BIGBANG platform for a short while.
For gamers worldwide, it serves as a cross-service loyalty token, a social game center, and an important entertainment resource. At the same time, players can earn Loyalty and Reward Points through various incentive activities in cryptocurrency.
This ecosystem benefits users by providing incentives, improving the entertainment and gaming experience, reducing costs and providing automated marketing to operators.

Here are many features of interesting features like FLOWCHART


Bully Build Solution for MULTI-BILLION Dollar
Casino and eSports Industry.

Play with BBToken casino and eSports games all over the world and get straight to loyalty points … in the cryptocurrency! ,
The BB Network Model can be structured to support “meta-gamification” throughout the experience with the points of the game being played. The exchangeable community tokens can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies, casino chips or for free in the game against Fiat money items. Accumulated Loyalty Points determine each player’s status level in the casino, creating better player participation and profitability while increasing the value of a community token (protocol).

Customer Loyalty Self-Collaboration enables group savings, better customer understanding, and potentially heavier and more influential governments. Protecting the competitive advantage of individual companies gives end users more power and choice.

Among the areas where group savings and collaboration can add value include:
Business Intelligence (User Behavior) & Loyalty Program (think of Air Miles with Embedded Fraud Detection Engine);

Referral programs from friends and us can transfer customers from one location to another, based on what they like and the recommendations of their friends, potentially leading to a decrease in all brand emigration and increasing customer value for life. Think Media, Facebook or Netflix.
Redeem Loyalty Points and Bonus Reward Cashback wherever you are

Next generation payment solutions for future eGaming.

Why bring so much money to eGaming?

Mining with BBT!
More users are playing more prizes, auto-depositing on their BBT wallet and wagering!

  1. #BBT AI-based innovation for future eGamings Analyzing
    player data is changing the way eGamings operators monitor the behavior of gamers.
    BBT will help operators combine data and digital strategies and develop
    targeted targeted search campaigns to help players at a low cost
  2. #Cryptocurrency Loyalty & Rewards for future eGamings.
    Players receive cashback prizes through the BBT eGaming affiliate network by offering true BBT cryptocurrency award winners, not just loyalty points, but real cryptocurrency! BBT can redeem loyalty gifts at eGaming network partners BBT or FREELY, who sell BBT for BTC, ETH on Stock.

BBToken Four Innovative Keys Tokenized Protocol Utility



  • Q4 2017
    We start here
    Introducing the concept of the new generation of the SMART distribution platform BIGBANG
    Analysis — Challenges and Opportunities Design Solutions — Features and Functions
    Proposed BBTokens — Securities Legal Framework for Token Blockchain Matter
    Technical Feasibility Assessment
  • Q1 2018
    TGE Legal Framework and Financial Preparation
    Construct the concept with WIZBL Blockchain
    with Cashback Loyalty Tool and Gift and Customer Development
    by Crypto Award for E-Gaming Industry, Pre-TGE Website, White Paper, BBToken Wallet
  1. March to 31 May private sales (20,000,000 BBT sales)
  • Q3 2018
    Generate Token Events September 1, 2018
    (250,000,000 BBT Distribution)
  • Q4 2018 Partnership:
    Partnership with Game Operators, Game Provider Exchange
    List of Alpha
    Platform Development
    Processes Alpha Version of AI Based Loyalty Gifting System
  • Q1 / 2019
    KI Integration and machine learning in platform BiBang
    First version of the platform with
    API Start Game Pack for integrated
    Bi-currency Billing project
    Integrated system authorization
    The first integration of the layered reference program
  • Q2 2019
    Integration of AI and Machine Learning into the BigBang Platform
    The First Version of the Platform with
    API Bundle Game Integration Project Integrated
    Billing Unified System of Authorization
    The First Integration of the Multilevel Citation
    Program Asia Market Expansion, Research, Customer Development , Marketing campaigns.
  • Q2 2019
    The first version of the platform with
    API Start Game Packs for Project Integration Integrated
    Billing Unified System of Authorization
    The first integration of multilevel citation
    programs Global market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaigns.
  • Q4 / 2019
    The first version of the platform with
    API package Startup project integration Integrated
    Integrated authorization system Integration of first-level reference
    programs Global market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaigns
  • Q1-Q2 / 2020
    Bi-Currency API Billing Project
    Integration Unified System of Authorization
    Initial Integration of a
    Multi-Level Referral Program Global market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaign.
  • Q3-Q4 / 2020
    API integrated for
    bi-currency billing project
    Integration Unified system of authorization
    First integration of a multi-stage recommendation program
    Global market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaign
  • Q1 2021
    Peluncuran Resmi BigBang Smart Contract & AI eGaming ecosystem

for more details on BIGBANG, please visit the link below;
Youtube: https: / /

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