Bitcoin Falls in 2018

Reasons Why The Price Of Bitcoin Is Falling

Currently, there has been a drastic fall in the price of Bitcoin due to some incoming/uprising factors resulting in its fall. The motivation behind why Bitcoin falls is on account of its natural esteem which is lower than it’s genuine cost. …

46 Reasons to Drink Water Daily

Water is essential to our Health. There are plenty of reasons why we should drink water daily. Below you can find 46 reasons gathered through research of Dr Batmanghelige.

1. Without Water, there is no life.

2. Without Water, our body can not function properly, ultimately shutdowns all systems.


Beatrice Sargin

CEO, Owner & Founder of BeYAH Fitness. ♎ ☎️ writer☎️ ,✌inspiration provider ✌️, ✯dancer✯, Ⓜicrobiologist☜♕down to earth ☕ ☝️ Website:

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