Future Food lands in Madrid

Beatriz Jacoste
May 27, 2018 · 4 min read

The IED Innovation Lab is the new home of this transformative project

At Future Food, we explore new ways of production to distribution, manufacturing, shopping and eating

This week was terrific. This word has always meant for me a combination between something that is both terrifying and wonderful at the same time. It felt like jumping into the sea and getting sucked in but being able to emerge from the water; airless but thrilled with the fact of being alive.
So, yes: we made it!!

On the 23rd of May, we presented the Future Food Lab in Madrid at the IED Innovation Lab. The Future Food Lab is a place for transformative projects through innovation and multidisciplinary approaches. We want to have a positive impact in people, companies, and institutions. We want to make them future-proof and invite them to be part of the change.

This eclectic place, dressed in bright green, blue and red and in-house made furniture, is the home created by the IED to become a playground for transformative projects.

Inside reside multidisciplinary talented people and the most miscellaneous tools to be able to understand and find solutions to present and future challenges. One of the labs created by the center, is the Future Food Lab, born as collaboration between the Future Food Institute and the Istituto Europeo di Design.

Nacho Martín, Director of the IED Innovation Lab

Some of the most amazing people in the Spanish food-scene were present at the event and celebrated with us the kick-start of this exciting project. We had we us: Raul Martin talking about the future of the meat industry; Farmidable explaining their vision of how we will feed cities in the future; LeanPath, Inc. making us think about food waste in a new way; Elahe Rajabiani explaining the design thinking process, Valerio Pappalardo and José de la Rosa explaining the future of eating with the example of the Urban Coolab in Bologna and Carol Blázquez on the impact of innovation and design in sustainability.

Any solution must be desirable, viable and feasable. Going from making people want things, to making things people want! -Elahe Rajabiani

Sara Roversi, founder of the Future Food Institute shared with passion the reason why five years ago she started what has grown into a global ecosystem that aims at inspiring talented young people, the industry and governmental organizations to create a better future through food innovation.

We always say that traditions are innovations that were successful innovations that made it to our present. So think of Parmesan cheese or jamón ibérico. They weren’t always there even if it’s hard to imagine!

Think of it, if someone hadn’t thought of a way to preserve milk by transforming it and aging it, we wouldn’t have any Parmesan to top-up our spaghetti Bolognese. The same goes for our beloved Spanish ham. Our pan con tomate would be very sad without it.

Here we aim at creating the future traditions. Our dream is to start the conversation with the Spanish market and to have a larger impact by joining forces with the IED, with years of expertise in designing products, services and systems.

The Future Food Lab in Madrid (which has a beautiful rooftop by the way), opens its doors to anyone who wants to enjoy new foods; learn about new technologies and trends in the food system; and to those who want to co-create with us solutions that will bring them and society to a better and happier place.

Sending an endless thank you to Nacho Martín, Helga Jósepsdóttir, Andra Oprişan, Claret Pontier Lagranje, Sara Roversi, Claudia Laricchia, Tarek Soliman , Elahe Rajabiani, Valerio Pappalardo, José de la Rosaand all the Future Food Institute team, Raul Martin, the Food Innovation Program group and other speakers from Farmidable, LeanPath, Inc. , and so many others!

For more information contact: beatriz.jacoste@futurefoodinstitute.org

Beatriz Jacoste

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Working to make people, organizations and companies, future-proof. With an innate love towards food, I am a curious traveler studying human needs.

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