Shanghai: city of good food, nightlife and no Wi-Fi

Beatriz Jacoste
Jun 25, 2018 · 2 min read
Dumplings at Din Tai Fung

The Internet connection doesn’t work. Welcome to Shanghai! Here I am, at the lobby trying to connect to the Wi-Fi. No success.

I just came back from trying the most mouthwatering dumplings I ever had. Biting into them couldn’t feel any better. The crab one was my utmost favorite but I wouldn’t say no to the shrimp, pork and even the sweet jujn we had. Well that one was the worst actually. I’m not really into these Asian sweet pastes. I remember when I first bit into a black-bean stuffed dumpling last year. That took me by surprise! #neveragain

Eggs, chorizo & nachos with Spanish cava at The Commune Social

These two days in Shanghai have been wonderful! Eating and walking around. What else? We went to see my friend and amazing chef Sergio Dario Moreno’s restaurant: The Commune Social. Absolutely recommendable! We had several dishes and the flavors in each one of them were perfectly balanced. Professor Peter Klosse would be proud! The egg with chorizo was my favorite…but then, maybe it’s because I miss Spain.

Dinner at Lost Heaven was also quite awesome. I had already been here a couple of months ago and I just can’t get enough of that papaya salad. This is not the typical Chinese restaurant. At least not the Chinese we know in Europe. This restaurant features the Yunnan cuisine, a region of China with strong influences from other Indo-Chinese cuisines; so don’t be surprised if everything you get has a touch of coconut to it! We ended the night at Bar Rouge. An icon of this city. The view of the Bund at night is just priceless.

If only Internet worked here…

Fresh produce store in the streets of Shanghai

Looking forward to sharing with you more about the next days here!

Beatriz Jacoste

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Working to make people, organizations and companies, future-proof. With an innate love towards food, I am a curious traveler studying human needs.

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