Beatriz García de Prado
14 min readMay 11, 2020


Ajoblanco, one of Mahonia creations. @veranocreatives
Detail of the interior design @veranocreatives

1. Understand Client Universe

1.1 Workshops

Branding Workshop with Mahonia team
Mahonia’s Vision

1.2 Brand personality (optional)

Our Brand Archetype “donut”

1.3 Brand document & Client communication

OLLA & Mahonia team during one of the workshops.

1.4 Benchmarking

Example of Branding Moodboard using Milanote App

2. Focus on the audience

2.1 Persona.

One of our Mahonia’s Persona

2.1 Customer Journey

Fist persona of the Customer Journey
Customer Journey completed

2.3 User Story Mapping.

Using Story Mapping for Mahonia

3. Focus on the product

3.1. Mobile-first

Mahonia physical menu
Mahonia digital menu

3.2. Self-exploring & horizontal scrolling

3.3. Dedicated landing pages

4. Focus on the client

4.1 Feedback #1


My passion is to make the end-user achieve their goal while my client achieves theirs. Above all, enjoy the journey.



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