Reflections on Awakening through anger.

The energy of anger is strong, its destabilization and paradoxically liberating if only momentary. The armoring of our hearts beautiful still. Anger in action is the closing of the heart which at times is natural, necessary, and intelligent. We often struggle to resist being hijacked…

Black Womyn Love Message.

The world wants to destroy us. Often times the darker our flesh, the kinkier our hair, the thicker our thighs the more insidious the tactics. They don’t want us to heal. To love unapologetically. They blame us for their shame for the guilt of their silent…

Identity is complex and always in process. Consider black womyn as holders of uniquely intersecting. identities. Upon which the maintenance of invisibility of black womyn (in body and identities) has been critical to maintaining white supremacy, colonialism, and a whole host of social inequalities.

Beatriz Beckford

Organizer, Artist, Educator, Design Enthusiast.

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