Tired from all the work? That’s normal. Good thing there are things you can do to make work from home at least bearable.

Statistics from the World Economic Forum tally that 67% employees have been overworking. The global pandemic has seemingly transported us back to the pre-Industrial Revolution, where there was no work schedule nor a fixed workplace. Hence, the exhaustion that you’re feeling from all the work you’ve been doing right now is not your fault.

Offices are built to bring people together and foster more productivity. Working in isolation means a delayed response as we still have to construct our messages, hit send, and wait for a reply. That’s why work seemingly takes forever to get done.

The work from home…

Congratulations! You just completed your writing masterclasses and webinars. But you’re probably scrolling around Medium because your writer’s block has again gotten to you. No fear!

Mastering the art of writing and storytelling is more than sitting down in the lectures of the greats. You curate what you consume — and you can learn so much beyond the regular courses or lessons you can take. Let the art of cinema delight, move, and inspire you into strengthening your craft as a writer. Without further ado, here are 5 remarkable films that will take you deeper into the magic of storytelling!

Break the rulesBayaning 3rd World (2000)

A film within a film, it takes a different direction from the familiar telling of the life of Dr. Jose Rizal. Talking about two filmmakers (Ricky…

There’s definitely more than what meets the core — it is a magnet that pulls and influences our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Since March 2017, Carlon Josol has been mixing dance and fitness as a form of exercise. In a webinar entitled Dance Fitness: Staying in Shape the Fun Way with Carlon Josol last March 14, he talks about his journey as a dancer-choreographer and why dance could never be more alive amidst today’s pandemic setting.

Upon hearing his name, we may not be aware that we danced to his “3 Pataas’’ choreography for Bonakid’s iconic commercial. Also the brilliant mind behind the choreographies of well-loved Filipino musicals like PETA’s Rak of Aegis and Caredivas, DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild’s Ang Huling Mambabatok

The secret to profound writing is to look around you. Graphics: Beatriz Marie Cruz

Yo, Medium creators, I see ya’ll lurking around for writing tips. Spoiler: you don’t even need to have great grammar.

Every one of us is a writer, but it takes a profound sense of the world and humanity to be a great one. Writing is easy, which makes it hard. With the abundant words and ideas we can flood with our pens, how do you choose the right things to say? How do you… make it make sense?

I joined Medium early 2020, struggling to navigate my way through. I would come up with an article for three weeks, create…

Truly, these are just some of the award-winning performances to grace motion picture screens. Is there something wrong with that? Well, kinda. Graphics: Beatriz Marie Cruz

Wait, that’s Reneé Zellweger? Matthew McConaughey? Daniel Day-Lewis? *cue dramatic music* Biopics have taken the Oscars by storm like never before in the 2010s. Audiences have been perplexed to see famous people depict famous people in close accuracy, and the methods they have implored to nail the attributes of these people. National Geographic lists that from 1966 to 2021, 146 of its Best Actor & Actress nominations depict real people, 36 of these bagging the awards.

But despite the skilled artistry and honor given by these actors, a question hangs — is the basis of a great performance concentrated on…

♫ Beth might be a dreamer, but it’s gotten her this far. ♫ Graphics: Beatriz Marie Cruz

This article contains quotations from Youtuber Katherine Steele. The author wishes to clarify that she’s never arranged a personal interview with Ms. Steele (but I’d love to meet her soon!) and all credits go to her. No copyright infringement intended. For educational purposes only.

It all started when news of The Queen’s Gambit’s stage adaptation awakened a lot of Broadway fans. To some, it’s a glimmer of hope for the curtains to open again. To others, it’s a safe step made by an industry closed for over a year now. While theatre is no stranger in taking original stories and…

Shout out to our fan creators out there, we miss you guys. Graphics: Beatriz Marie Cruz

This article contains quotations from videos of Youtuber Colleen Kelly, also known as colliscool. The author wishes to clarify that she’s never arranged a personal interview with Ms. Kelly (but I’d love to meet her soon!) and all credits go to her. No copyright infringement intended. For educational purposes only.

P.S. To Coll, I hope I don’t come off as creepy. ILYSM. :c

“I am a creator, I kind of feel like one, but at the same time, I really don’t ’cause it’s like I’m just a fan. Like it doesn’t count almost,” says Youtuber colliscool in her “whats really…

#MeToo? Well, #MaryToo. Silence may be powerful, but if only we let this woman spoke, what she has to say may be far more powerful. Photo by: Beatriz Marie Cruz

Blessed is she among women. Mary has always been the standard for her chastity and duty as the bearer of arguably the biggest spiritual and political leader in human history. However, in spite of her blessedness carved in statues and recited in novenas, she was just like all of us in the beginning: a young woman manipulated into the horrors of patriarchy.

Her halo, glowing behind her humble head, testifies that only the submissive, untouched, and godly are rewarded.

Had a choice, gave a yes

The name Mary originated from Egyptian language, meaning ”beloved”. Her righteous and chaste upbringing through her parents, Anne and Joachim, made…

Mine are: writing, watching films, and reminding people of how much I love them.

Quarantine began. As a manner of repressing the fear, danger, and uncertainty of a pandemic, people were hooked at the silver lining of staying at home: it’s time to learn something new!

In less than a week my social media feeds became Food Network, Chloe Ting enthusiasts, vloggers, painters n’ poets, Call of Duty trashtalkers, and whatnot.

I personally have done things I’ve never done before: started and finished the entirety of The Good Place, familiarized myself with the differences among aperture, shutter speed and ISO…

White supremacy doesn’t criminalize us. They’re criminals for robbing us of our national identity.

The teaser trailer for the 2011 Filipino teleserye, Nita Negrita, where a girl experiences much discrimination for her skin color. Video: GMA-7/Youtube

Following the #BlackLivesMatter protests around the world, Filipinos expressed their unity — even relief that racism in the country is not as threatening as the West.

It made me laugh. A lot.

Racism in former colonies is too ingrained in our cultures to be recognized. And it has traversed through our political, social, economic, educational, and pop cultural institutions. Our own racism handcuffs us with insults, jokes, and disadvantages brought by white privilege.

Beatriz Marie Cruz

Philippines. Communications Major, European Studies Minor. I love writing, long road trips, and laughing at my own stupidity.

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