I recently decided to create a new site to share my posts, talks recording, slides and other content, making it more accessible. Having already a static page published with GitHub pages, I explored the currently available options and decided on Hugo and Netlify.

Hugo and Netlify

Hugo is nowadays one of the most popular open-source static site generators, very flexible, counts with shortcodes and plenty of themes. There is also a cli available, which burst the speed to have your site ready to be published.

Netlify then covers all the aspects from continuous deployment workflow with Git integration, supporting several branches and versions…

Several open-source Kubernetes tools are already using eBPF. Mainly related to networking, monitoring, and security.
The intention of this post is not to provide complete coverage of all eBPF aspects, but rather tries to be a informational starting point guide, from the understanding of Linux kernel BPF concept, through the advantages and features that brings to microservices environments, to some known tools that currently make use of it, such Cilium or Weave.

Understanding eBPF

Berkely Packet Filters, short BPF, is an instruction set architecture that was first introduced by Steven McCanne and Van Jacobso in 1992, as a generic packet filtering solution…

I recently moved from Ubuntu to MacOS and found a whole new world of gestures and shortcuts that really made me work at a different level speed, so I decided to explore also new possibilities for my terminal.

I moved from Terminator, which I used for years in Ubuntu with a common bash prompt. In the process of setting up my new laptop I tested several options and I found that iTerm and Oh-my-zsh were the right choices for me.

iTerm and Zsh

MacOS includes a default command prompt, Terminal, which is the interface to the bash command prompt. A popular alternative to…

Beatriz Martínez Rubio

IBMer, b3a.dev

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