I am actually so disgusted.

A few generations ago, some of my family came here as actual criminals; convicts. They may have only committed minor crimes such as stealing spectacles, but the people seeking asylum today have done absolutely nothin wrong. Seeking asylum is not a crime. Seeking asylum is a human right. Furthermore, assuming that they could be criminals or terrorists despite the way they came here because of their culture and appearance is obvious racism.

Some of my ancestors were actual criminals, and this can said for those introducing this horrible law, and the possible thousands of Australianโ€™s supporting it out of Xenophobia and fear (Thanks right wing media).

Why do we forget that unless you are of the beautiful, indigenous people of this land, you are a descendant of an immigrant, possibly a criminal and a convict, and most likely more illegally in nature than the people fleeing war and persecution today to this country.

Wake up Australia. Malcom, stop pleasing the right of your party.

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