A/B Testing Dialogue Using Animated Teddy Bears

I am writing a fantasy novel which is great fun but it’s taking a long time to write and I am worried no one will read the damn thing when it’s finished. My brain is very visual so I decided to think about the book like a TV series. Making a TV show takes a ton of time and money. For the past 4 years I worked on “House Of Cards” which cost Netflix over $400 million.

I needed a quicker, cheaper way to test my creative ideas. A friend recommended I check out a web series called SRSLY and I realized this was the format I needed. Web series are online TV shows where each episode is only a couple of minutes long.

I wrote 8 scenes for my web series which is about two gay guys living in New York who discover they have magical powers. The show is essentially a cross between Charmed and Broad City. In a couple of weeks, I am getting together with two actors, a writer and a camera guy. We will film the scenes then review the footage and re-write the scenes based off everybody's feedback. Cycling through a few of these iterations should get the show to a good place.

I was nervous to show everyone what I have written so I decided to film another test using animated teddy bears……. After watching the video, I made some changes to the script then created a second version of the video. Do you think the re-written version is any better?