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Finally advertisers can pay to put food in your stomach.

If any of you are unfamiliar with the Brave web browser, it’s use is slowly generating a meteoric rise in the ranks of online browser usage. Primarily in its take on online advertisement control in a world run by Ad blockers.

If you are not tech savvy, maybe you are still wandering the web with no ad block and getting bombarded with ads that disrupt your viewing experiencing. Whether it be a news article, shopping site or regular blog, the Ads would come, and depending on the site, they will be ruthless. …

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We like to keep our identity to ourselves , so why put it on a public ledger?

No one can seem to keep their private information to themselves. We constantly need to share it with everyone. Every form we fill out at the doctors office, new hire orientation, bank loan or sign up at a local gym exposes our data. You leave data behind that is stored, filed and locked away in a database at an independent company or business. Who now owns this data whether they wanted to or not. Typically what were paper files, being much harder to steal unless you physically grabbed the files from the place of business. Now are easily accessed with the advent of computers, evolving cloud digital storage and internet connectivity.

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Don’t you want a wallet that is safe, secure and capable?

Somewhere along the lines you decided to spend some of your hard earned cash to acquire some Crypto-currencies or tokens. With an emphasis on high risk, high reward investment. Depending on what your end goal is with the currency perhaps you want to trade it frequently or utilize a DAPP. Ultimately You may have heard in the news that storing your tokens on an exchange has many risks involved. The easiest solution is to get a mobile Crypto Wallet.

Now there are various types of wallets with varying levels of security, for simplicity sake if you’re working with less then $150 a mobile hot wallet is up your alley. Plus it’s a hub to send the currency to a cold wallet eventually. …

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Your mind and body deserve better

Every year, around the world we all decide it is necessary to maintain the cycle of pain.

“i’m overweight”

“I need to travel”

“I want to write more”

Wanting to be someone better then they were last year.

We make bold proclamations to offset our current condition to rid the guilt of our current existence.

“This new year i’m going to lose 25 lbs”

“I’m going to travel to a new place every month.”

“I’m going to write a book”

It’s doubtful to ever really accomplish a goal that lofty without building the foundation to make it happen. You can’t change your form if you stay the exact same person, it requires a lot of energy and a steady stream of small wins to achieve a large goal. …

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You need to sharpen your saw and recite your mantras.

It’s preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have — you. It’s renewing the four dimensions of your nature — physical, spiritual, mental, and social/emotional.- Covey, Stephen R.

Why is it when you read from other people on medium who are successful and maintain their active follower list. They write with a new topic yet maintain their base of knowledge. They expound their knowledge in a particular area but maintain the importance of skills they have learned previously. Cycling the thought with each new article committing it to memory with each motion. A new article, a new stretch of the mindset towards being a better person. You have the power to emulate the greats, but it won’t happen overnight. …

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You voted for ideals, no one inherits the perceived sins of who they voted for.

Every Trump supporter inherits any problems anyone dislikes with Trump. Even if they only voted for Trump to try and bring jobs back to america.

Instead, you are viewed as a racist and probably are okay with people that sexually assault women and or hate muslims.

That seems a little bit of a grab at the voter.

Politics have been known throughout history to try and smear the political opponent for their inability to hold office and reasons listed so on so forth. However, does that translate to the voter as well? Do you inherit the misgivings of those you support? …

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What does it mean to be hacked?

No, Seriously. To get the real answer it comes from many definitions. “your account information got jacked” “your bank account assets have been robbed”. Hacking sounds actually like a much softer word then the ones we typically associate identity theft, and burglary. There are more serious crimes of contractors having their top secret documents stolen.

That’s a hack.

If anyone walked into the CIA and stole top secret documents. It would be treason. If a [Insert Random country here] walked into your business unplugged all your machines that generate your profit and demanded a ransom or they won’t give back the cords. That would be a heist.

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Creative roadblocks happen.

Do not feel threatened that you can’t find the new creative drive to finish that article, painting, T-shirt, or engineering project. It’s your brain asking for a break in the middle of the creativity. Take the breather and find a stopping point. If you work with a deadline, it’s worth asking for a push back because forced creativity ends up worse than genuine genius.

I am of the believe that everyone is a genius, but you put them under a time crunch and suddenly they crumble. If you are working independently and on your own time, do not create unnecessary restrictions that place your thoughts on a deadline. You control when the flow of creativity is present, not the world. …

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More importantly, why do they gain value.

You can view my last article to get a grasp on the various Crypto currencies. I wanted to dive deeper on this post on how currencies gain value. Currently the market is tied to the price of bitcoin and Etherium and most alternative currencies fluctuate in unison with this top tier currencies. To explain that phenomenon you need to understand two concepts. Supply and Demand, and liquidity of trade. Supply and Demand is easier to answer for a currency, harder for a token and for companies that establish unique token metrics for establishing it’s value. …

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Why make a cryptocurrency in the first place?

Why are we going through all the trouble to build a cryptographic ledger technology on the basis that it is the future.What can the technology really accomplish that will benefit the end user that is worth the investment for companies and consumers.

It may seem like we are adding a points system with a ledger component but I can assure everyone there is much more going on under the surface that blockchain can solve.

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