Internet Explorer End of Life

There is a lot of FUD appearing about the end of life for IE. Here are the facts as I know them.

Microsoft is supporting the latest browser for each supported operating system. IE9, 10 and 11 are still supported for specific Operating Systems.

If you are on Windows 7, 8.x or 10, you should be running Internet Explorer 11 at this point. IE11 has an amazing feature that allows it to emulate older versions of IE when a web application doesn’t render well. This is called Enterprise Mode. It is very easy to turn on and I will explain how to administer it below.

Some blogs recommend keeping an old machine around with an older version of IE installed. This is a bad idea for security reasons, you are putting yourself at risk to be hacked. Enterprise Mode eliminates the need for this.

If the information I present below is too complex or you have a one off need, you can also hit F12 and change the document mode field to the version of IE that you need. This will change how IE renders that webpage while you have IE open. You can also use this to decide what mode you want to put the browser in using Enterprise Mode.

Hit F12 to change the emulation mode.

Onto Enterprise Mode…

We’ll start with a chart that explains which versions of IE will continue to be patched by Microsoft:

There are two methods for turning on Enterprise Mode:

registry key
group policy

At my firm we use a registry key pushed out via Group Policy Preferences. You’ll have to decide where you want to store the XML file (don’t worry Microsoft has a tool to edit the file). You can store the file on a website or file share. We chose to store the file on a file share for ease of editing.

After you enable Enterprise Mode, you need to create your list. Fortunately, Microsoft has created a tool that lets you easily edit your list.


You also have to create a registry key for Edge. You can find info here:

Enterprise Mode Site List Manager tool versions
There are currently two versions of the Enterprise Site List Manager tool, both based on your schema and operating system. Download the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager for Windows 10 tool or the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 tool, based on your operating system.
List of applications that we have added into Enterprise Mode

After you create your list of websites that need to be controlled, you can click on File, Save to XML. Save the file to the location that your registry key or group policy setting is pointing to. You’re done. Your machines will start picking up the new settings within 30 minutes.


When you open a site in Microsoft Edge and you’ve determined that it should run in IE, you’ll see this message and then the site will open automatically in IE11.

This page from Microsoft explains more on the process:

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