Process Police

Process Police — People who care more about the process vs. getting things done.

We don’t allow Process Police on our teams. We understand the value of project managers; we don’t value process for the sake of process. You can learn more about Process Police here. We have Six Sigma greenbelts and blackbelts on our Business Analysis team. They remove impediments, foster collaboration and translate voodoo for our developers.

We try to set an agenda for all of our meetings. We use OneNote (free for everyone) to do this, everyone on our various development teams type in what they’re working on, what the blocking issues are and what needs to be discussed as a group. We meet once a week. You can’t set a meeting without an agenda being listed in the Outlook meeting notes or a URL to a OneNote agenda. We have over 60 development projects that we need to finish before the end of the year. Some are minor, some are multiyear projects. We can’t afford to meet for the sake of meeting.

The only person who can set a meeting without an agenda? Me.

A recent agenda from our OneNote notebook.
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