You’d be forgiven for thinking it is though, all things considered.

Now that we’ve been cursed by coronavirus for at least four months, the world is definitely not growing used to it. What is happening however is all the media pundits and economists after a buck have come forward with their less-than-good opinions on “when things will be back to normal”. But as predictable the people that profit most off “the normal” they are only saying what they wish was going to happen. What is going to happen? The decimation of the global south, the widespread destruction of lives, social securities and economies, and the potential death of capitalism itself. Wait…

Foreword: This is an international health crisis — you should keep up to date with your national health agencies (or the WHO if your national health agencies are terrible at their job). Everyone on the internet has an opinion, very few of us have the credentials to back that opinion up.

You’re probably sick of seeing this image floating around.

You might have been hearing lately that this strange world of ours has been beset by the ravages of a once in a century plague of biblical proportions. A disaster so unexpected and so unpredictable that there is nothing that could have been done to prepare for it. I…

Have you ever been listening to a song and felt like any action you took would be disrespectful to the mood it had brought you into? I have, I am listening to one as I write this. It is “Follow Fi” from the Legend of Zelda — Skyward Sword soundtrack and I couldn’t tell you why I am listening to an hour long extended version. Sometimes we just do things that speak to our innermost souls.

The Legend of Zelda — Breath of the Wild is a game that for some odd reason brings a zen to my soul and…

GRIS is a masterpiece by Nomada Studio. It is also a game about trauma, depression, anxiety, the unknown and recovering from loss. This is part one in a journey of the deeply personal experience I had playing this excellent game.

There will be spoilers for GRIS, discussion of mental illness and death. If you are sensitive to such topics please use discretion.

A hand outstretched, she lies in their palm content to dream as she sleeps and sing as she wakes. A world of multi-colour and peace.

In the opening moments of GRIS that world shatters and the nameless protagonist…

A personal philosophy.

Mount Everest — probably the most famous of all mountains.

I need you to understand the Beautiful Mountain — I want you to imagine you are standing at the foothills of a mountain that rises so high that its peak is hidden behind the clouds. All you know about the mountain is that you have to climb it or you will die, and that if you reach the peak that you will obtain whatever it is that you want most in life. You look around you and see that there is a thousand other people in the same situation as you.

I want you to ask yourself what you would…

Rebel Inc: Escalation is a good game that tackles a complex topic well but… well, there might be a issues with reducing post-conflict governance into a playable format.

War holds an incredibly strange place in the human imagination — almost everyone who isn’t a war profiteer will tell you how horrifying it is, it is an incredibly messy business, but as any American foreign policy expert will go on to tell you it is still a business. If you’ve got no morals you can make a lot of money investing in conflict zones, and a lot of the problems with resolving these conflicts and dealing with their aftermath come as the result of this sort of twisted and hideous logic.

Maybe that is why when I heard about…

Untitled Goose Game by House House — a tale of revolution, and an incredibly enjoyable experience.

To revolt is a natural tendency of life, it is therefore natural to see all things as seeking liberty for themselves and that inequality is a creation of mankind. When society hoards its wealth so that the lowest amongst them might suffer — what is a goose to do but redistribute the bells?

Untitled Goose Game (developed by House House) is a game about a goose that causes havoc in a small provincial town in England. …

Sexism and queerphobia is a huge problem in fantasy settings, Warcraft is unfortunately no different.

Fiction is one of life’s great joys — it not only allows us to escape from out own realities for a time, but it also lets us examine the flaws in ourselves and the world around us from the comfort of another person’s shoes.

Speculative fiction is particular good at this, it is as a broad genre any work of fiction that moves away from the real world to incorporate elements of unreality, and because of that we get to live some remarkable and often impossible experiences.

But as good as speculative fiction is, it doesn’t always bring everyone along…

Link’s Awakening helps to prove that remakes are not solely there to cash in on nostalgia.

We’re living in an era of nostalgia. Remakes, remasters, and cash-ins that exploit your childhood happy memories abound in all forms of media.

A lot has been said about what it means to experience something over again after it’s had a lick of paint applied over it. But what about those of us who missed it the first time around?

People have a preset opinion on remakes, remasters and reappropriations, a lot of those opinions are purely negative. Nostalgia is exploitable, capital only does it for your money and no-one involved cares about your beloved childhood franchise.

What about those…

Answer: Yes, and here is why.

Overflowing with charm and with a surprising amount of strategic depth, Dicey Dungeons is a dungeon delver with a difference. An amalgamation of dice rolling and deck-building, you play as one of six highly unique classes with their own distinct play styles on a mission to crawl through a game show put on by Lady Luck herself in order to win freedom — and for at least one character a monster truck.

Calling her Miss Fortune would have been too on the nose (and would probably break some copyrights).

Your introduction to the game will be a showcase of what to expect, a series of battles interspersed with things to pick-up such as new equipment, upgrades, health…

L. Beaumont

Writings about philosophy, video games, and philosophy in video games.

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