Why I Won’t Wear A Fitness Tracker

I hopped on the FitBit craze about 3 years ago and almost went out of my way to go buy an iWatch like everyone else.

After probably spending $129 I didn’t have, on a FitBit HR Charge I spent the next 4 months constantly checking my wrist for a plethora of random reasons.

  • What’s my heart rate?
  • How many steps have I taken?
  • Is this thing charged?
  • Why do I have to keep reseting this thing?
  • Why did this SOM BICH not track those flight of stairs?
  • How many times can I press this tiny button on the side before I get bored?

I had countless dumb reasons to check it. Every time I did look at it, it really wasn’t for any other purpose than to brag to my wife about how many steps I had taken that day. (Needless to say I was kicking her butt, what else is new 😌.)

Let me say that I am a personal trainer and gym owner so I try out as many fitness ‘things’ as I can so I can be educated in case a case a client asks me.

With that said, I am not say saying that FitBits are bad or all wearable fitness technology is bad, but I am saying that it had a way of controlling how I felt about each workout and each day of activity. If I wasn’t reaching 15K steps I felt as though the activity for the day was a failure. Depending on the day, I would train clients for 7 hours not including my own workout, and somehow I would still have to justify my workout by this inaccurate measuring stick on my wrist.

I also talked to clients who would literally get out of bed and just pace around their bed if they weren’t at their step goal for the day.

If aliens are currently looking down on us a society right now and saw that people are literally doing laps around of bed just to please the machines on our wrist, the would most certainly believe that the human race has lost all control. We now obey the ALL MIGHTY FitBit. Machine says “MOVE BITCH”….so we get out of our cozy beds and move like a….well like a obedient servant.

I am not so super hippy that wants to abandon all technology. I LOVE technology.

  • XD movies…DOPE!
  • Bluetooth speakers …DOPE!
  • Every version of the new iPhone…DOPE!
  • Buy me a drone and I’ll stoked! (Just for any clients out there listening 👀)

I am all about advancements in technology. I can’t wait for the day when Wall-E actually stops by the house to drop off my Dollar Shave Club Razors. Or even when razors are actually shaving my face while I’m sleeping!

My only problem was when I using these trackers to quantify the quality of my exercise. My purpose for training is to feel good and live a long healthy life where I’ll still hopefully have the energy to run with my kids and watch my grandkids grow to be teenagers. And maybe old enough successfully had a glass of red wine with @Jay-Z , @Obama, @the Rock & Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’m not ignorant to the fact that fitness Journeys are all different with different needs and wants. Many workouts and results do need to be measured, but micromanaging every day, every hour, every second of activity somehow felt dehumanizing, and flat out annoying.

I track my calories, my protein, record my workouts in my Notes App and most importantly judge my workouts based on how good I felt in the moment. Some days are good, some bad, some phenomenal, some total crap, and that’s normal.

I judge my workouts and focus on being self-aware during each session, and I don’t let anyone or ‘Anything’ tell me I am the sexy modern day Spartan warrior…I already knew this! 😘

Much love ❤️❤️❤️

Beau Smith

Owner of R&G Fitness in McKinney TX