I know my last blog here was more than a month ago all about my new friend I felt connected with. The weeks old kitten we took inside try to keep it alive with the help of many we needed all the help. The vat’s here do not have a proper or good education, yes, they mean well, but they do not know or have the right medication mostly they use two bottles, to fill their injection needles, vitamins for cow and anti bioethics for goat the doses they gamble. Trouble came quick our kitten seems to be a boy we called him Jojo he needed mother milk full of fat mother milk shore, I googled and got help from a Dutch cat help site. He was active, but full of worms and flee’s we tried on the advice of two lovely friends living on another isle and are retired vets no hospital with medication. His poop had all colors, but not the good one my sis living in the USA jumped in she went on Christmas time to the animal store a sent us with express mail the things we needed powder mother milk, medication for worms and flee’s, toys to play with. From a nice doctor in an animal hospital, in Dar es Salaam we get the advice to give him baby vitamins. It worked he is much better now not big, but very clever and a playful boy he eat normal food at the normal times he has the personality of his mother from nobody afraid jump on all the big cat living in our house we will try to calm him. People around us here in Stone town look strange on so much cat love we feed the outside cat who we loose strangely some of them, but we go on correcting and advising.

A week ago somebody left a very poor sad case full of pain and suffering on our doorstep I try to wash him but he was too weak I try to feed him with the mother milk he could not swallow any more. We closed the gallery and give him a nice spot on a blanket, away from the full shouting, active street live where everybody feels he or she is more important than his neighbour. He went to heaven the same night away from his pain and suffering left me with deep sorrow it becomes not familiar or used to. There are hundred’s more, the same like him therefore I need your help please make contact.

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