The Power of Energy

I have learned an important lesson thus far in 2017: ‘Never Underestimate the Power of Energy.’ Energy surrounds us daily and affects everything we do. We use energy to wake, move our bodies, rise out of bed, take showers, brush our teeth, make coffee, and walk our bodies to work, where we then expend most of our energy. Rinse and Repeat that daily grind. Every step we put forward requires energy. Sometimes, we encounter people or situations that leave us feeling drained, empty, and useless.

But there are people and situations that can restore that energy. Surround yourself with them and you will find life.

I went to Yoga last night; feeling particularly overwhelmed, stressed, and drained from recent events in my life. From losing my relationship, to my housing, to my plans to attend school abroad, to losing friendships, and to losing sight of myself; I have had to endure a lot of grief, pain, and shock. Each situation has withdrawn from my bank of energy and left me broke.

I struggled through a lot of my flow; my chataranga was weak, my floats were nonexistent, and I could barely do bridges. Instead, I kept pushing myself, further dedicating whatever energy I had left to my practice. My yoga teacher was full of grace, compassion, and positivity. He simply corrected as I needed without judgment.

Towards the end of the class, as we lay resting in savasana, our teacher came around with meditation, truth, and healing touch. As he pulled my feet and corrected my spine, he whispered, “Whatever it is that you are holding onto… just let it go. Don’t hold onto it; whatever it is, it is blocking you and preventing you from healing.”

At that moment, I broke. The tears flooded my eyes and my body caved into rest. His energy was a powerful presence. His intuition spot on. His touch was healing and restorative. “There you go… let it out and take your time,” he gently patted my feet and walked onto the next Yogi.

Your energy is important to who you are. It fuels you, sustains you, heals you. Awaken your energy and let it guide your true Self.


“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”
 — Paulo Coelho