1 (Hot) Challenging Day. 29 To Go.
Evelyn Mezquita

Dearest Evelyn, yes and thank you for reminding me. It comes to my mind since I stopped writting, not that I was a writer, never, I wrote because all the words were coming to my mind, stories, thoughts, I had to put them down, somehow not to have them around. Like everyone I guess, we think, images, movies, and words. Since I am a photographer, I see images, specially with projects. I read the comment of Audrey, and I completely agree with the visual projects exactly is like this. No idea how to explain them, I follow as well my inspiration and intuition, I am completely in the flow, even more when I am in the session itself, I hardly speak, because I can’t (I speak with models, organizers, etc before I start), I am somewhere else playing with the light, flowing in a river of creativity where I have access to knowledge I did not know before, like matrix and flying the helicopter. It is a complete bliss.

I guess I lost my point. But ok, it is me… I will do a challenge with your inspiration with my daughter, i will ask her if she is interested too, to make the challenge. So we can support each other.

And inspired by your words to find the strength to express our soul. I believe if I do that I will unleash my lost power. And slowly all areas in my life I see now as failure, and totally except it (on the zone…) they will be pieces of my lost paradise.

Thank you is small words, I send you a warm smile from my soul and heart. And I embrace you.

Does it count this comment like day one?? Hahahaha…