Did you?

Melanie Dione
Jan 9 · 1 min read

Did you get to it yesterday? The thing you’ve been working on? Praying on? Crying about? Did you get to the next step, the final product, or the money? Why not?

I’ve been asking myself these questions every day for the last week. I survey my day, and if I haven’t met the goals for that day (I have not in eight days), I account for why. The answer has been disturbing in its consistency: procrastination. Five minutes turns to an hour turns to tonight turns to tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow. (Word to Macbeth.)

Today, distractions jump out at us. We don’t have to try hard to be distracted. Numbers in red circles and ubiquitous dings make us drop everything and fall into the black hole of our electronics. We’re at the stage in human evolution, however, where we should be adapting by getting it under control, not being more consumed by it. You don’t have to abandon diversions completely. Relaxation has its place. But you don’t have time to binge if your novel is collecting dust, boo. Stop avoiding your deadlines. Send your invoices on time. Get off the sofa and go to the networking event or workshop that will move your movement.

Get to it.

Melanie Dione

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