Finding Your YOP

My favorite book as a kid were Dr. Suess’ Horton books. The steadfast elephant who saw the value in all things great and small was a great way to prepare a little kid for the big world. My favorite of the Horton stories was Horton Hears a Who! Horton took responsibility for Whoville, a tiny speck full of tiny people and justified it with a simple creed:

A person’s a person, no matter how small.

As the story goes on other people who can’t hear the people on the tiny world decide that not only is Horton crazy, but the speck is so unimportant that it has to be destroyed. This prompts the residents of Whoville to do everything they can to show Horton’s jungle neighbors “We are here.” To no avail. Until they find one kid who doesn’t feel like being a part of the effort, and he puts it all over with one great bit “YOP!”

Given the monster that social media has become, it can feel like a maelstrom of people chanting about the same things to let the world know that they are here. It’s easy for your voice to feel lost. How many different arguments can we have about Beyoncé, Steph Curry and Donald Trump?

Lots of them, unfortunately. We spend a lot of our day talking about and rehashing the same topics because they caught fire. Our online conversations become an echo chamber of contentious monotony. I encourage you to find your YOP. Find the thing that sets your voice apart, whether it is something new, or just fresh insight that hasn’t been offered before. Access the most unique parts of yourself and facilitate your own breakthrough. Do this if only to exercise your mind as a true muscle and not a recycled argument processor. The results will surprise you.

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