AWAY Luggage Review: The Bigger Carry-On, Monogram Edition. Is This the Perfect Suitcase?

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I’m not even in need of a new suitcase, but Away’s innovation has me blown away. Their Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On suitcases come stocked with industry-leading features that don’t stack up to the competition, they blow them out of the water! More on that later…

To add personalization to your suitcase, you can take advantage of their monogram option, selecting two colors from the options listed above. No need to tie a brightly colored ribbon to the top of your suitcase if you pop a splash of color and your initials up top! Upon placing your order, a New York artist will personally hand-paint your bag in Away’s Soho studio. The finished product will ship in 2–3 weeks!

P.S. You can add these fun leather stickers for further personalization!

In addition to the completely hard-shell suitcase options, Away has recently debuted a new style with a built-in nylon front pocket. Store items you need to locate quickly + easily.

No matter which carry-on you choose (or if you elect to decorate with a monogram or some leather stickers), you’ll benefit from the following features and benefits:

  • Unbreakable construction. The impenetrable exterior shell bends under pressure, but doesn’t break, making your purchase guaranteed for life.
  • Fits the sizers of major US airlines, making The Bigger Carry-On ideal for flying on big planes.
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  • Built-in TSA-approved combination lock (the zipper pulls slide right into it — genius!).
  • Two interior compartments: one designed for clothes and the other for shoes, toiletries, and other hard objects.
  • Interior compression pad can be buckled down to maximize interior room (and allow you to add more stuff, if needed!).
  • Nylon laundry bag included — to help easily separate clean and dirty clothes.
  • Premium Hinomoto wheels rotate 360° so you can roll wherever you want to!
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  • An ejectable battery can charge any phone up to 5x. (Yes, the battery is compliant with all airline policies, TSA-approved, and safe to fly with).
  • Purchasing multiple suitcases? Away bags nest neatly inside each other. Say hello to more closet space!

Now the hard part is, selecting a color from the 8+ options offered:

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Which size / style / color is catching your eye? Explore the options here, and save $20 on your first Away travel purchase automatically (promo code applied to cart at checkout).

I went with Navy and find the inevitable scratches that come with mid-flight checked luggage tossing and turning to be easily wiped away with paper towel + cleaning product or a magic eraser. (Sidenote: I tried to carry this on but was forced to gate-check it at during my first trip with my Away suitcase since it was a jam-packed plane).

How does it coupon code work? This referral link comes with a $20 off promo code:, so there’s no need to type an extra code at checkout, the store credit will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

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…And Away you go!

P.S. If you’re into organization, be sure to check out The Insider Packing Cubes + The Centerfold Garment Sleeve. Packing Cubes now come in 9 colors (easily coordinate with your suitcase!) so I’m honestly a bit bummed I purchased when black was the only option. I’d go with a lighter color so you can more easily see what’s stored inside at-a-glance. And, there’s an Away x Tile Luggage Tag to help you locate your bag wherever it goes!

UPDATE 1: Away just launched The Everywhere Bag, a carry-all that perches perfectly atop your Away Carry-On. The bag ranges from $195-$325 (depending on material), but if you bundle the Carry-On Bag + Everywhere Bag you can save $45 on the pair. (Sidenote: I saw these at the boutique in NYC and honestly had higher expectations for them. They aren’t as big or high quality as I had hoped, so I won’t be purchasing the extra topper bag myself).

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UPDATE 2: In keeping up with the latest + greatest Away Suitcases and accessories, there are now 4 total “topper bags” to choose from:

The Everywhere Bag / The Backpack / The Daypack / The Signature Garment Bag
  1. The Everywhere Bag (from $195) — The nylon versions remind me of a high-end gym bag, although the laptop pocket fits up to a 15" MacBook, so this can be used for work OR workouts. There are limited-edition leather versions as well priced at $325. If you don’t currently have a go-to personal item for planes, check out The Everywhere Bag as it easily slides under the seat and perches nicely atop your carry-on.
  2. The Backpack (from $195)The Backpack also comes in nylon (3 colors: Black, Navy, and Asphalt aka Gray). It features 3 main interior compartments to organize your small, medium, and large items. The interior back pocket fits up to 15" laptop computers.
  3. The Daypack (from $145)Similar in shape to The Backpack, but with less bells and whistles. In addition to the 3 nylon versions, there are two limited edition leather versions currently available for $275 each. The laptop sleeve inside The Daypack fits 13" laptop computers. Designed so it can packed inside of any suitcase.
  4. The Signature Garment Bag (from $195)Just like the 3 options above, this bag conveniently attaches to the handle of your Away Carry-On. In addition to fitting your garments, store shoes and accessories in the six interior compartments. The best part? The Signature Garment Bag fits airline requirements as a personal item!

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