What immigration detention did to my mental health.
Graciela Lopez

Hello Graciela. I am sorry you went through a traumatic experience and I am grateful you sought help with your mental health. I also have PTSD though from a completely different sort of trauma. I was wondering if your therapist has discussed Cognitive Processing Therapy with you. I completed the twelve week course of Cognitive Processing Therapy this past January. Although it was incredibly difficult to go through, when I completed the CPT the difference was amazing. I’m not “cured”, but I am so very much better, plus I learned areas I need to continue to work on. I wanted to tell you about my experience in case you wanted to discuss it with your therapist.

Regarding the horrid comments some people felt the need to make, I hope they do not trigger your PTSD. I feel rather sad for those making cruel comments. It must be terrible to live in such a state of fear and anger.

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