This is How Face Wash Works On Your Skin

Feb 21, 2016 · 3 min read

How Face Wash works on our skin? The same way Detergent works on clothes.

SLS, SLES — remember these short terms. Or cons like “the product contains SLS, SLES,”. Ever wondered why beauty experts consider SLS and SLES as cons of face wash? Let’s find it out.

“Foaming face wash” “Lathers well” may sound good to oily skins, but it is actually not as good as it seems.

SLS, SLES, and other foaming chemicals are called “Surfactants” (surface + active + agents). When face wash was not exist, the foam-creating chemicals were named as “Detergent” (mixture of surfactants).

Before I tell you about face wash procedure, first you should see how detergent works on dirt or grime.

Now, think a little. Are you following the same process with your face as well? Yes, you are (at least those who love foam).

With this, you can assume that you are using another form of detergent on your face. Yes, the same which is used to get rid of grease and dirt from clothes. And, it is truly horrifying.

Of course, our clothes need cleaning so does our skin. But, it is your delicate facial skin, not a piece of cloth.

Why You Should Not Use Surfactant Based Face Wash?

Let’s get a little deep. As you can see in the detergent-image, water is not able to remove the dirt. It just wets the cloth. Water molecules have something called surface tension which makes it stick with the thing where it is splashed (like cloth or our face). Surfactants break that surface tension to increase the power of water to get in and remove the dirt. Did you notice I said “get in”? Yes, that powerful water enters to your inner skin (your pores), when combined with surfactants, and strips out whatever the skin has including the dirt, sebum, natural oils and natural moisture.

With the constant use of detergent, our clothes start losing their original color and the quality as well — which is why we are buying new clothes each in a while? But can we buy a new skin? Nope. It is our skin that we have to maintain till we are alive. Constant use of surfactants makes our face dehydrated and lifeless. Our facial skin is several times thinner than other body skin. It needs a special and kind care. As far as I know, we girls swear to keep our skin young for decades. To keep your promise, you have to be extremely gentle with your facial skin.

I know the importance of pore cleaning, but surfactants are not necessary to clean the pores. Market is full of brands selling soap-free, SLS/SLES-free and other surfactant-free products to save your sensitive skin. A little bit search and a trusted brand is what all you need to go through. Stay away from high-foaming face wash, instead, prefer cleansers claiming little or zero amount of surfactants.

Must read the ingredients list before buying a face wash.

Here is the list of Common Surfactant Chemicals

·Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), ·Ammonium laureth sulfate ·Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate ·Cocamphocarboxyglycinate ·Cocoamidopropyl betaine ·Alpha-Olefin sulfonate

These days I am working on brands providing surfactant-free products. If you know about them, must share the same in comments. Me and my readers would love to know about those caring brands.

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