The US government and any other monetary sovereign government can create money out of thin air…
Jason E

Thank you for your thoughtful reply Jason.

What you are missing here is, “That which is not seen”. What you are not seeing is the millions of deaths financed through fiat money, used to fuel the military industrial complex. You are not seeing the widespread poverty that is a direct result of fiat currency. You are not seeing the the engorging of the State on everyone’s wealth, as they shave value from people’s money without them even knowing.

Myopic environmentalism is very dangerous. To save some animals, or prevent the crisis predicted by the now falsified Anthropogenic Global Warming crisis, some people are willing to literally sacrifice human beings and when they are left to live, their prosperity for multiple generations.

Thankfully, Bitcoin is running and efficiently using electricity to put a stop to all of it. In the end, you will use Bitcoin and rely on the electricity used to secure the network. And everyone everywhere will benefit.

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