It was a flippant response, and I am sorry if I offended you.
Liz McIntyre

It was a flippant response, and I am sorry if I offended you. But I am totally serious in asking for the basis of your claim that the Internet is private property.

The internet is private property. Everyone on it is using their own equipment to connect to it, no matter how big their system is or what use they're making of it. Your ISP is a business which is private property that sells you net access at a price and on terms that you agree to. Their equipment and infrastructure are their investments and the bandwidth they supply to you is stock. You have absolutely no right to form a mob to force them to use their equipment and sell their stock on terms dreamed up by strangers.

There is nothing stopping all the Net Neutrality people starting their own ISP services on terms that they think are correct, and if we think carefully about how businesses start, you will see just how wrong Net Neutrality is. ISPs start from nothing, and build their businesses, hardware, software and expertise over time by serving the public. A few of them become very big.

The people braying for Net Neutrality would never argue that a mom & pop ISP should have their bandwidth terms dictated to them, but the Net Neutrality crowd seem to think that because a company is large, their rights are forfeit. This is totally unethical.

I have never called for violence. In fact, the recent net neutrality action is a shining example of the US First Amendment in action.

This is very disingenuous of you. The fact of the matter is that any ISP that does not want to give in to the wishes of the Net Neutrality mob will have violence done to them. The CEO/CTO will be taken to court and put in gaol simply for using their property and stock in the way that they see fit. The company could be fined (have money stolen from them) or even broken up (destroyed). This is the reality of what you are calling for; people to be kidnapped and gaoled, companies to have money stolen from them, and their property destroyed.

When you describe it in the correct terms, it doesn't sound very nice, does it? Its not about “democracy” and “engaged citizens” and “Peaceful Protest” when you say exactly what it is you're advocating. Its nasty, dirty, violent and disgusting; but of course, you let other people do that dirty work for you, and you never see it. Its all just a game to you, where you can virtue signal in front of other people.

Peaceful protest is not just a right, it is a responsibility of engaged citizens.

These are weasel words, used to cover your calls for violence against people who have done nothing. They have taken no action against you or their customers; in fact they bend over backwards to serve everyone who buys bandwidth from them. You people want a scarce resource to be offered for free, and that is totally irrational, but to add injury to insult, you want to violently steal other people’s property on top.

I've written a piece on this for Hacker Noon:

you should read it, and think very carefully about the sort of world you want to live in. Do you want to live in a world run by screaming mobs tearing human being to pieces and smashing property because it make them feel good, or do you want to live in a world where people don’t threaten each other steal from each other and call for violence against others who are simply providing a service.

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